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Hi I'm Helen

I’m here for small businesses, founders freelancers and people with amazing ideas who want to market their thing brilliantly on the internet.

Why work with me? Because I’ve done it for myself; gone from zero followers to running an online audience that powers my business. Let me show you how to do exactly the same.

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The #justbloodypostit podcast

Series 2, Episode 36 with Sally Hurman @gettingstuffdoneinheels

Loving the audience you’ve already got with influencer and fundraiser Sally Hurman @gettingstuffdoneinheels.

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Since working with Helen on our Instagram our reach has gone up by 760%, followers and engagement has increased, people are actually sharing our content, and most importantly we're getting more enquiries about our services and consultations booked in. She's taken us from using Instagram as tick box exercise to helping us integrate it into a much wider, and successful, marketing strategy. 5 stars - she's incredible!Amy Stevens, Anorakcat web design

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Video masterclass; 3 secrets to Instagram success for small businesses
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Helen is the best person on IG for a small businesses. No promises of unicorns and magic just good solid advice to keep you going in the right direction. She’s a true Insta expert and this podcast is definitely what you should be listening to. Cocopippinbritz | Apple Podcasts