Hi I'm Helen, welcome.

I used Instagram to unstick my career, build my confidence, and start a business. I'm going to help you do the same.

It wasn’t always this way but…

…I am an Insta over-sharer. A trainer, cheerleader, and video enthusiast (The Crazy Video Lady). I want you to skip the mistakes I’ve made and grow a social account that works. For you.

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We are making more sales, our page is clear about what we do. I've created a mailing list and newsletter and I'm enjoying doing Instagram more than ever thanks to you, Helen. Roz @tipperleyhill
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Where it began...

I haven’t always been about putting myself out there on social media. Quite the opposite. I was kind of late to the party, lurking on Insta and Facebook for years. In 2017, something made me go to a how-to-really-do-Instagram workshop and it was a mega-watt lightbulb moment.

Now I love to switch that light on for others, to help them see how growing a social following can unlock the opportunities they’re looking for.

Creating content for a social account like @_helen_perry_ brings together all of the things I love. Writing, taking photos, making video, and starting a conversation.

I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner. I’m a former journalist and Insta’s the opportunity to edit your own magazine of brilliant stuff that your ideal follower will love.

Thanks for the Engaging Instagram course. It’s helped so much. Every post I do now is getting saves and I feel so much clearer in my marketing message. One of my reels is on 25k views and it’s gained me an influx of followers. Lisa @school_run_mum

My emails are paying dividends big time. Every time I send one it generates a sale of some sort and they get really good engagement. Thank you for the inspiration it’s just been great. Maggie @bymaggienaturally


I share the tools you need to grow an engaged online community that supports your work. There are no secrets to it, just things you don’t know yet. And I’ve made approximately 500 thousand mistakes along the way so that you don’t have to.

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Just Start!

When I was talking to a friend about my idea for not @notaboutthekids back in the beginning, she did me a huge favour and told me to “just start”.

It’s the spirit I still apply to all of my work and social posts. If it isn’t perfect no-one has noticed, and it will make the next thing better. Keep showing up and the Insta-universe will reward you.

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