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When I booked my 1-2-1 session with Helen I was feeling disheartened by Insta. I had been starting and stopping for over 3 years trying different ideas and getting bored or demoralised when things didn’t work. With Helen’s suggestions and more importantly, her encouragement, I have seen my Insta community really grow. I’m about to collaborate with a major magazine, next week I’m interviewing a household name and most importantly I’m making more money.Rosie Dalling, life coach

@_helen_perry_ Coffee break


Do you have something that you’d like to run past me? An idea to bounce? Something you’d love to know how to do? Then book in a 30 minute Zoom session. Ideal to cover off one simple topic that’s been bugging you.
30 minute Zoom call.

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Power Hour


Think you need a bit more time? In 60 minutes we can cover some of the bigger challenges you’re facing in your social media marketing. We’ll take a look at your current Insta strategy and come up with a plan to take it to the next level.
60 minute Zoom call.

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Full Instagram coaching package


The full monty. Would you like me to take an in-depth look at your goals and Instagram and discuss with you how to grow a truly effective platform for your business? For an all round exercise in elevating your Insta, then this is just the ticket.
90 minute Zoom call with follow-up notes, recording and action points.

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