Best Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

Avene Eau Thermale, beauty products for sensitive skin. Hydrance Optimale Rich hydrating cream.

When I was getting Not About the Kids off the ground, I decided to do a bit of market research. I emailed my (excellent and discerning) friends and asked them to tell me about their favourite beauty products. I had no idea we were such a delicate bunch. So many of the replies began ‘I have quite sensitive skin so….‘. Could it be that many of us find mainstream beauty products irritating? I’ve been meaning to share their recommendations for ages, so here we go.


Helen has suffered from sensitive skin issues for years, including rosacea. She says that Environ has transformed her skin, not just in terms of the way it looks but in that it “no longer feels irritated”. The brand claims that many skin problems are caused by a vitamin A deficiency (a result of exposure to the sun) and that their products help to replenish it.

Environ skin care for sensitive skin. Vitamin A

Environ’s a professional line, offered by trained specialists, and it shouldn’t be sold without a consultation. Search their website to find an authorised beautician or dermatologist near you.

I have also posted about the best sunscreens for sensitive skin, click here to read.


Moogoo is a little Aussie brand that my friend Jo suggests. She’s all about using products contain only 100% natural ingredients. The whole line has been developed from a cream that is used on farms to moisturise cows udders. Full of scepticism, I tried their Anti-Aging Face Cream and found it to be pretty good. Honestly. They offer lots of options for irritable and itchy skin, sun protection and products for children.

Moogoo Anti Ageing Face Cream, sensitive skin brand all natural moisuriser

Moogoo is stocked in smaller high street chemists and online. Their Anti-Aging Face Cream costs £23.90.


This is my top tip. I started using Avene products a few years ago, after reading about the brand on the website of French blogger Garance Dore.  She was raving about Hydrance Optimale moisturiser, and I have never found a better face cream before or since. It just works. Avene is a French brand that uses thermal spring water as its key soothing ingredient. They have a wide range of products to ease dry and dehydrated skin, as well as more complex skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Avene Hydrance Optimale, sensitive skin moisturiser

I use Avene cleanser and moisturiser every day. I also find their sun creams brilliant, they were the only ones that didn’t irritate my daughter’s skin when she suffered from eczema.

You can buy Avene at Boots at, I think, very reasonable mid-range prices. Hydrance Optimale starts at £13.50.


Weleda Skin Food is a rich, natural one-stop moisturiser that Lou says is good for your face, hands and basically “any sort of dry skin”. Made from organic sunflower seed oil, Weleda claim Skin Food is the ‘universal saviour’ of everything from thirsty elbows, to cuticles, split ends, or feet.

Weleda Skin Food a deep rich cream for dry and rough skin, sensitive skin, naturall skin care

It is full of lovely sounding ingredients including 100% organic rosemary leaf and pansy extract and is on my must-buy list for the summer.

Order Skin Food from Holland and Barrett and lots of other online stores. A 75ml tube is available for around £10.

Coconut oil

This one makes me smile. Coconut Oil is another miracle product that you can use to treat all manner of skin issues, and you can use it to roast your potatoes. It’s an edible oil extracted from coconuts, and my mate Caroline swears by it as a cleanser, moisturiser and deep conditioner for your hair. I’ve even been told you can use it to clean your teeth!


Coconuut oil, use cooking and sensitive skin

Caroline recommends Lucy Bee organic coconut oil. I’ve tried one called Vita Coco, £5.99 for a small pot.

La Roche-Posay

One more from the French, naturellement, they are skin care experts after all. Thank you to Anna, another sensitive flower, for this recommendation. La Roche is a sciency brand that comes endorsed by dermatologists, and has lines for very dry, oily, damaged, blemished and young skin.

Toleraine by La Roche Posay for sensitive skin


The Toleriane range is for sensitive and reactive skin. A mid-range price point like Avene.

Share your recommendations too

Thanks to the beautiful girls who helped me put this list together. Share your sensitive skin stories, do you have any other brands or products that I should add to the list?

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4 comments on “Best Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin

  1. Helen G on

    Hey lovely. Really glad that my Environ made the cut here because it truly has changed my world. I am so passionate about the change it has made to me, and I really want to share it with others. BUT, I also want to say yes to your Avene recommendation. Not for my particular needs, but it sorted my nephews eczema out massively. I also use their sun cream products for my kids as it is just so sensitive. Please listen to the advice of Helen’s friends – we’re a tried and tested bunch! H xx

  2. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Hels, I’m really glad I got around to putting these suggestions up. I was surprised just how many of my/our friends react badly to mainstream beauty products. Interesting don’t you think? Thanks so much for having a read and sharing your recommendation in the first place 🙂 Hxxxx

  3. Scarlett Roitman on

    Hi Helen,
    I’ve suffered from urticaria for years (hives) – not related to my skincare but some products tend to make my skin heat up more than others. Roche Posay is wonderful, there’s nothing toxic in it, and I like Skin Food as well. I like the idea of Coconut oil but I always feel like I smell like a piña colada. Not a bad thing, but there’s a time and place for that!!
    I have to say, The Ordinary has passed the test on many levels (I know you’re a fan as well).My miracle go-to (at night) is Rosehip Oil. It soothes, moisturises and I wake up feeling a wee bit less wrinkly!
    Thanks for all the info, keep it coming please!

  4. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Scarlett, you know what, I have never tried a single Roche Posay product. I’m very much looking forward to giving them a go now! I think I’ll start with sun cream and so many of the ones I have used in the past are not at all kind to the skin. I have been trying several The Ordinary products, but haven’t fallen in love with any of them yet I must say…..always lovely to see that you have stopped by. Hx

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