My Friend’s Beauty Heroes

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When I started the Not About the Kids Instagram feed, I emailed a group of mates and asked them to name one beauty product that they would be 100% happy to recommend to a friend.

I thought that it would be a good little bit of market research. I’d read that to women in our age group, recommendations are incredibly powerful. Of course they are. Who can trust what we read in magazines about beauty products? The whole industry’s based on first establishing something that makes us feel rubbish and insecure, and then selling us something to make it all better. We know this now and generally tune out the noise.  So where do you go to for trustworthy advice?

Until now, my friends and I haven’t generally sat around discussing moisturiser or lipstick. We’ve got husbands, children and work to complain about, and possibly less than an hour to cover everything!

Not about the kids, beauty, Helen Perry

So that’s why this little exercise has been so good. I had no idea my friends were such a mine of bloody good information on cosmetics. My routine has been in a rut for about a decade, until a few weeks ago. Now I’m trying out new things left right and centre, and most of it is brilliant (my friends are good peeps).

They have recommended everything from £120 moisturiser, to super-good-value make up brushes. I’ve been melting coconut oil in the microwave and trying out my first 100% natural, organic beauty brand.

I would unreservedly say that my mates are not vain or superficial, but I’ve learnt that they are enthusiastic about products that make them feel good, and actually work. And they are up for spreading the word.

I’m now getting a steady stream of new ideas from real-life people, and Instagram followers, so I plan to carry on trying at least one new item each week. Every month or so I’ll share a list of the best bits in a Beauty Heroes list here on the blog.

Please join in! Share your legendary Beauty Heroes in the comments box. We’d all love to know.

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4 comments on “My Friend’s Beauty Heroes

  1. Juliana on

    Love your IG posts and so glad you have started your own blog! A real beauty hero for me is Liz Earle – I love the hand cream and I am currently using the SuperSkin hand serum which is great for protecting winter hands!

  2. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Juliana, thanks so much for taking the time to comment, what a superstar! Thanks for the tip about hand cream, a really good one for this time of year, I will most certainly look in to it. Speak again soon I hope. Hx

  3. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    ha ha, perhaps I am doing it wrong!! The coconut oil is quite thick straight out of the pot, so if you warm it slightly it’s easier to work with xxx

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