Great rugs for an open-plan kitchen

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I am on the hunt for a new rug. It’s to go in what I’ll call our kitchen-lounge area. Only when I took this picture did a realise just how meh the old one is looking. It’s funny how you can just stop seeing something, isn’t it? We got this shaggy old thing around 12 years ago. Since then it’s been used and abused by babies, toddlers and dogs. You don’t need me to spell it out.

My criteria for the new one is that it adds a pop of colour or texture to the room. Ideally both. It needs to fit with our grey Sofa Workshop settee and footstool, and a teal/blue armchair. There are accents of yellow in the kitchen too. I would like it to be fairly large (at least 160×200 cm) which has ruled out some great interiors retailers, like H&M and French Connection, because they only offer smaller sizes.

Here is my shortlist, have a scroll through and let me know what you think.

La Redoute

Ocrul Berber Style Wool Rug from £199

La Redoute Ocrusl Berber Style Wool Rug, yellow

This is where my search started, and I have rather fallen in love with this rug. Every beautiful home on Instagram seems to have something similar, and I think that yellow would fit really nicely into our kitchen space. My big concern is that this would be a trend-led purchase and it will be out of fashion before I know it.

West Elm

Multi Pixel Woven Rug from £249

West Elm Multi Pixel Woven Rug, yellow, blue, interiors

I love this rug. It has great texture and offers a more enduring design maybe?


Kronge £250

Kronge low pile rug, Ikea, green, yellow and blue

I couldn’t leave Ikea out of this, and they have come up trumps with several fantastic value options. I think that this one is the best they have to offer. The green and pink are very now, but with blues and yellow that compliment my existing colour scheme.


Jardin Lace Rug, Turquoise from £64.95 but the size I am looking at (200×290 cm) is £295.

Benuta Jardin Lace Turquoise, interiors

This is a nice weathered or antiqued design, but I’m afraid I don’t have a great photo. Dear online rug retailers, your styling pictures are so important.

This is also by Benuta….

Arabesque Rug Yellow from £54.95 but it is £369.95 in the larger size I am considering.

Benuta Arabesque Yellow Rug, interiors

Similar designs available at very good prices at iRugs also see the Stockholm range by Ikea.

The Conran Shop

Jute Braided Rug £325

The Contran Shop Jute Braided Rug Large, interiors

I do love a bit of natural flooring, and this is classic, stylish and could fit into almost any colour scheme. Downsides? In my experience this kind of rug is impossible to clean, and it comes with a surprising £80 delivery charge.

Swoon Editions

Jay £259

I think that black and white could work really well with the sofa, and allow me to bring in different colour cushions if I have a change of mood.  This flatwoven rug by Swoon is good value and at 160×230 cm a decent size.

Swoon Editions Jay Large Rug, black and white, interiors


HAY Peas Rug £435

Hay Peas Rug, sofr grey, Amara

Well, don’t Amara have nice things? This is my first introduction to this luxury homewares website, and while they do stock designers numbers that would blow my budget, there are some more realistically priced rugs to look at too. I am quite taken with the Hays Peas Rug. It looks like peas! It would be a safe, neutral option, but with great texture.


Hayden Geometric Carved Wool in mustard £299

Made Hayden Geometric Carved Wool rug mustard, interiors

One last yellow number. Or should I say mustard? Strong colour (which the room needs) and texture and a great price. Made.com do things well.

I’d love to hear what you think. Which one would you go for? Or do you have any better ideas?

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14 comments on “Great rugs for an open-plan kitchen

  1. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Lovely, thanks Kelly, making a note of all the votes!! Someone has suggested that I might like to run this past my husband, but I like to think that your views are more important 😉
    Thanks so much for stopping by xxx

  2. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Thanks C, what do I do if everyone likes different ones? I do particularly like the West Elm number x

  3. Melissa on

    Love the West Elm one, also the first Benuta one. Also like the Swoon one. I love the look and texture of the Amara ‘pea’ rug but feel you could go bolder with colour. Good luck choosing! X

  4. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Thank you, Melissa, I like them all….obviously!!! West Elm is doing well with public opinion, I will be sure to update you when I make a decision. Hx

  5. Debbie Davis on

    I think the Arabesque Yellow from Benuta would look great in your kitchen, but also like the West Elm one…. Not personally keen on the IKEA ones – not for the designs, but more on the quality side – love IKEA, but just maybe not the place for a quality rug that feels nice when barefoot!

  6. Lazy Daisy Jones on

    We have jute everywhere, it has been treated so cleaning is easy . Not like it used to be!
    Yes I know the rug on instagram that you mean! Everyman and his dog has it.
    My fave is the west elm rug it’s beautiful.

  7. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Thanks D, and useful thoughts on Ikea. I’m a big, big fan of the Sweedish beast but maybe not for soft furnishings?? Your votes are noted. Hx

  8. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Ashley, it’s funny because it is so popular on Instagram, I thought everyone would go for the Berber-style one, but quite the opposite. It’s given me the confidence to go with something a bit more enduring style-wise. I love jute, such a great texture. Appreciate your thoughts. Hxx

  9. Elena on

    I like these three:
    1 Benuta arabesque- would look perfect with the style/colour of your sofa
    2 Made- also great design but all mustard could possibly be too much after a while.
    3 Ikea- such a lovely colourful rug if you are ready for an injection of lots of different colours?
    It’s hard to judge just by seein the sofa.
    Good luck!
    Elena ?

  10. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Thanks, Elena, you are a superstar. I’m sorry I didn’t post a bigger picture of the room, I couldn’t capture one that is particularly photogenic. Perhaps when we chose our new rug I can update this page with a new image? I love reading your thoughts so thank you for stopping by to have a look. Hxxx

  11. Lisa deakin on

    Hi hun, not sure if you have made your decision yet but knowing your room and you I think the West Elm would go perfect. Second is Ikea and third the Arabesque. Will be looking at this blog again when we do our extension!!

  12. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hello lovely! Thanks for popping by for a read 😉 All of your selections are noted, we still haven’t made a decision, but now that I’ve decided that the old one needs to go I can’t wait to get rid of it. Look forward to learning more about your extension. Hx

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