Meet the expert: life and career coach Sarah Leach

I’ve written before about my experience with coaching. It helped me to go from being a slightly grumpy and unfulfilled full-time mum to an excitable full-time content creator (and full-time mum!).

Admittedly, I am often still grumpy, and probably need to work on my work-life balance. BUT I feel passionately about coaching. It can help you to move your life forward when you are…..stuck. Which is how I felt for years after becoming a mum.

Coaching isn’t counselling, that’s serious sandwiches. Instead, it is conversations that will help you find a clear path when you can’t see the wood for the trees. It stops you from going round and round in your head asking the same questions, and never really answering them.

Perhaps most importantly for me, it can help re-write the story (usually not a very complimentary one) that we tell ourselves about who we are and why we do what we do.

When we were putting together a line up for our first Elevate workshop, a workshop which we want people to leave feeling really good about themselves, a coaching element made sense.

So we’ve asked my excellent friend, and life and career coach Sarah Leach to talk at the event. In her words, coaching is “a chance to think about you for a change”. She says her main job is to help people to “untangle the spaghetti in their heads“.

Want to know more? Hit play below to listen to me chatting with Sarah about what coaching is and how it works. Later in the conversation, we touch on tackling imposter syndrome, which is the topic she’ll be covering in our workshop.

Click here to visit Sarah’s website

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