Do you want to try a Beetroot Latte?

Do you want to try a Beet Latte? Caffiene junky Helen Perry tries this super healthy alt-coffee. Full of vitimins and anti-oxidants. How to make a Beetroot Latte recipe tips.

I did. Well, I didn’t exactly want to try a Beetroot Latte, but I did anyway because I wanted a photo of one in all its fabulous pinkness. And actually, the reason I’m sharing it with you is that it really really wasn’t bad.

Beet coffee was apparently ‘invented’ in Australia, but there isn’t much involved in making this healthy alt-coffee.

First, your choice of warm frothed milk. I went for ordinary cows milk, but I suspect that it works better with the sweetness of almond milk as most recipes I have found suggest. Then add beetroot powder (or syrup, or for the ultra-dedicated beet lover roast and puree it yourself). Finally, honey to taste.

Voila, a beetroot drink.  And that’s exactly what it tastes like.

Beet power

Try a Beet Latte. Caffiene lover Helen Perry tries a healthy coffee-alternative made of beetroot and frothy milk.

Why? As an alternative to coffee, it offers the satisfying, comforting frothy texture that makes us love our caps and lattes (but is always lacking in a fruit tea).

And more. Beetroot is a “health food titan”. It’s low in fat, full of anti-oxidants and packed with vitamins. It’s used by athletes to boost their performance and for the less health-conscious, a beet drink is said to be a great hangover cure.

Beetroot powder isn’t particularly easy to get hold of (and is quite expensive) but you will find it at health food retailers.

I enjoyed my pink beetrooty wonder at Pierreponts Cafe, read more about it here.

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