All I Want for Christmas…..

I always think that I must be incredibly easy to buy a Christmas present for. There is just so much that I like! This is a list of presents that Father Christmas would get me if he could read my mind, and money were no object. It’s a, forget that you are already very lucky, totally indulgent, bit of day dreaming.


I need some socks. My socks are awful. They were cheap to start with, and to start with was about 5 years ago. Now they have holes in. I regularly wear my husband’s, including his Pokemon socks. I really don’t know why I don’t just got to Marks’ buy seventy billion pairs, but I never think of it when I am out shopping. It would be genuinely delightful to receive a few multi packs this Christmas. Now to the more fantastical elements of my list…..

Rixo London blouse

Rixo London blouse of dreams www.rixo.co.uk

This gorgeous British band have been doing an epic job with their PR this year. I’d never heard of them before, then suddenly this summer they were all over my Instagram, and have never left since. I love everything that they do, but probably have to admit that most of it wouldn’t suit me. However, I do think I could pull off one of their beautiful blouses with a neck tie (without channelling Maggie Thatcher, fingers crossed). They represent a bit of an investment, and there is nowhere near me where I can try one on. So, still dreaming for 2018….

Diptique Candles

Diptique candles www.diptyqueparis.co.uk

2017 has been the year when I got in to scented candles, granted about 15 years after the rest of the modern world. I would love some Diptique ones, but they are £45. For a candle that you burn. So I just can’t ever really buy one, or ask anyone to buy one for me. Here they will sit on the dreams list.

Fully body massage, including scalp massage, followed by a facial

A treatment room at Cowshed, Babbington House

Hey, I don’t care what order they come in, but about two hours worth of beauty treatments would go down a TREAT. To make this gift truly worthwhile, and indeed worthy of a place on this list, it would need to be followed by a really quiet evening with no one asking me to do anything for them. Perhaps these treatments could take place in somewhere out-of-this-world such as Babbington House or Soho Farmhouse? Now we’re talking….

Vintage Porsche 911

Vintage Singer Porsche 911

This is a fantasy, lottery win, Christmas list after all. I’m not much of a car person, but a 911 does turn my head. The shape is 100% classic. I don’t mind too much what colour, just something that reflects it’s original era. Orange, racing green, or a good red? In good nick though, I don’t want to be constantly calling out Green Flag.

Posh cosmetics

Bring me more Jo Malone www.jomalone.co.uk

If only people knew how happy it would make me if they bought products that I feel guilty about buying myself. This really takes in a massive range of options. Anything from Jo Malone to Chanel, Elemis or Bobbi Brown. I mean, I really don’t mind that much. I don’t generally indulge in posh make up and cosmetics at all, but that’s not because I’m opposed to it. Buy it up and send it my way!

Theatre tickets

I love love love a trip to the theatre, hoping for many more in 2018.

Going to the theatre is something that I really love, and yet I see about 5% of the productions that I would like to. Currently top of my wish list is the new musical Hamilton and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. But surprise me, I’ll go along to anything.


Passport cover by Smythson www.smythson.com

Leather goods and stationary? Bring. It. On. I would love a swanky passport cover to start with, personalised with my initials. Putting your initials on anything is an instant upgrade.

Ballymaloe strawberry jam

Heavenly Ballymaloe House www.ballyamloe.ie

We were lucky enough to stay at this legendary hotel and cookery school in County Cork, Ireland last Easter. The food is amazingly good and I hope to you back one day, but just a pot of their strawberry jam for my stocking would suffice in the meantime.


A print by Dave Buonaguidi at Print Club London www.printclublondon.com

When I dream about winning the lottery, once the practicalities of a mass holiday with family and friends and some good deeds are out of the way, I would love to adorn my walls with more art. A little piece that I have had my eye on this year is a print by Dave Buonaguidi. It’s white ink on a vintage map of Cornwall. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment Dave.

What’s on your list? Let’s keep day dreaming, leave your comments below….

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12 comments on “All I Want for Christmas…..

  1. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Haha, I’m not sure if he is a subscriber?! Fingers crossed Jo, and I hope that you get a bit of what you want too. Thanks for taking the time to visit, Happy Christmas Hxxx

  2. Caroline on

    Helen, that green blouse is absolutely gorgeous. Buy it in Jan and let’s find a super funky place to photograph you in it!

    Love your fantasy list.

    Of course we all know your Christmas’s all came at once with huge success of your shiney new blog / insta feed. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving. I’ve got a feeling 2018 is going to be HUGE for you. Totally deserved ?

  3. Miriam - londonkitchendiaries.com on

    I am also the easiest person to buy a Christmas present for – I love books, candles, massages & one of the best presents was a pair of socks from my grandma (she loves to knit) that said I wouldn’t say no to that vintage Porsche either 😉

    Miriam x

  4. Julie Bateman on

    Ooo there are some lovely things on your list! Why do we always feel guilty about indulging in beautiful cosmetics and perfume?? Like you, Jo Malone products are always on my wish list, but they are something I rarely buy myself throughout the year! Merry Christmas x

  5. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Thank you Caroline, you have been so supportive and kind throughout it means such a lot. All of the Rixo clothes have such beeeaauutiful prints. I would love one, although I’m not sure that I really go anywhere posh enough to wear it? And a new camera, I forgot to put that on the list, I would really love one that I can Bluetooth the images from. Constantly plugging mine in and scrolling through the memory card is driving me mad! Wishing all the Gratrix’s and extended clan the most happy of Christmas’s Hxxxx

  6. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Miriam, thank you for stopping by! There are so many little things that make us happy aren’t there? I hope that one of these things turns up under your tree. Happy Christmas. Hx

  7. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Julie,
    I know we are all funny women aren’t we?! I think we are always very conservative when it comes to asking for gifts, so I thought it would be nice to come up with a no-holds-barred list. I hope that someone gets you a lovely luxurious product this year! Thanks so much for visiting the blog and leaving a comment, it is much appreciated. Happy Christmas. Hxx

  8. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Lou, thank you for reading and commenting it is lovely to see you here 😉 I think I should just save up and buy the blooming print rather than waiting for someone to give it to me. It’s great isn’t it? Happy Christmas Hxxxx

  9. Lazy Daisy Jones on

    Helen loving your lists!
    We have just been to see the amazing paly (with music) called ‘Girl from the North Country’
    In my humble opinion it is incredible, and only running for an initial 12 weeks as it has just transferred from the old vic!

  10. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Ashley, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a little comment! I also thank you for the theatre recommendation, ‘just had a quick Google and it looks wonderful. Have you seen The Ferryman at the Gielgud? Totally knocked my socks off, and only running until May. Let’s make this a year for seeing great shows 🙂 Hxx

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