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Joining the La Redoute rug club, but not the interiors gang

A while ago on the blog, I decided that I should have a go at writing about interiors. I’m sorry reader, it was a bad idea. Interiors are big business on social media. If you have a beautiful and ever-changing home, sharing it with the online community appears to bring almost guaranteed huge followings and success. But you can’t do what’s not you, and I can’t really do interiors.

I love a house and gardens mag, and appreciate a home done well (mid-century modern please). When we moved into our current place about 3 years ago, I embarked on a flurry of decorating. But my enthusiasm waned, and most rooms are still the same shade of greige as they were on day one.

So attempting to write about interiors was a bit fraudy, and that came across in the post, which was about choosing a new rug for our kitchen living area.

The one

However, as people were kind enough to read about my rug dilemma in the first place, it seems only right to bring you up to date. I’ve chosen one. It’s a Berber style La Redoute number (yeesss, as heavily influenced by bloggers on Instagram). It is 100% wool and the list price is £299. But there is always, always a La Redoute discount code or offer doing the rounds, so never pay full price! I got this for £199.

In many ways, I still feel that I am finding my way with blogging, and discovering exactly what feels right to write about. While there is always an element of people pleasing involved, it only really works when you are sharing something that you feel knowledgeable about. Something that is true.

So in that spirit, here are links to some posts that I think that I can stand by.

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As always, thank you for reading any of my posts, I really do appreciate it. Hx

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2 comments on “Joining the La Redoute rug club, but not the interiors gang

  1. Juliana Sylvester on

    Love this H! So simple and so honest and you can definitely give yourself the credit for writing about a rug you bought since that’s exactly what you did!! The fact that you can just tell it like it is is just a breath of fresh air. I love a good interior post too but I’m no desgner either. Sometimes I think that makes what you have to say even more powerful, don’t you think?

  2. Helen on

    Well yes, that’s a great point J, what’s more honest than just saying that you like something because….you like it? Thank you for taking a moment to read and comment, I love to see you pop up here! Hx

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