Snow Boot decisions….

A selfie wearing snow jacket reflected in the surface of a pair of ski goggles

I’m off on my first ever ski trip in a few weeks’ time. It is just a girl’s long weekend to Morzine in France. So it is safe to say that I am dipping my toes in lightly, with good company.

As I don’t know whether I will love or hate skiing, I have begged and borrowed most of the gear that I need. But I have decided to treat myself to a pair of snow boots. Going in my everyday Chelsea boots seems like a slippy idea.

Also, I’ve always liked the look of these chunky fellas, and have never had an excuse to get some before. Whatever I buy needs to have life beyond the ski weekend, and will mostly face the clement weather conditions of the south east of England.

Here are the styles up for consideration. Have a look, and tell me what you like best in the comments section below. Shwoop.

Moon Boot

These are the classic snow boot that I imagine are worn by super chic types in Verbs’. An Italian design dating back to the early 1970s, they are inspired by the boots worn by the astronauts on the Apollo 11 lunar landing. The classic design pictured here has a 1” thick rubber sole to keep your feet warm.

Navy blue classic Moon Boot

Shell-pique rubber soled Moon Boot, £75

They are available at Net a Porter. I love them, but reckon they are ski-resort-only boots and not really practical for wearing afterwards at home?

More to admire from Moon Boot

A woman pictured walking in the snow wearing a faux fur trimmed snow boot

Faux fur trimmed Monaco Moon Boot, £135

A felt lined black Moon Boot

Felt lined Monaco Moon Boot, £130, rarer than a Yeti sighting in the shops at the moment

I think both these pairs are great, but I’ve missed the boat. I can’t find them anywhere in a size 7. Let me know if you can.


This brand was founded in 1962, and declare to believe that “style and functionality go hand in hand”. I’m thinking these might look less out of place back home, suitable for walks on the beach etc? Sorel say that they will keep your feet warm at up to -32 Celsius.

I present two pairs of Sorel’s for consideration.

1964 Pac, in Buff,  £120.

Classic Sorel winter snow boot design in brown

Classic Sorel winter boot, come in brown or black

Winter Carnival, comes in a nice range of colours, and are a bit cheaper at £100.

Woman standing on a snow covered log wearing Sorel Winter Carnival snow boot

Sorel Winter Carnival available in red, black, grey and green

What is Not About the Kids?

Dare 2be

A new brand on me, and maybe a bit cooler, more snow-boardy? And they are in the sale at ASOS. Both pairs pictured are now £68, down from £90.

Grey ankle boot with faux fur trim and white soles

Karellis Snow Boot, also in black

Dare 2b snow boots are made using snow proof fabric and microfleece lining for extra cosiness.

Black, fur trimmed, lace up snow boot

Kadrona Snow Boot, only in black


Something sensible form Geox. The Mayrah. Now reduced from a pretty punchy £145, to a more reasonable £101.50. Possibly not as stylish, but very wearable, and claim to keep your feet dry even in ‘extreme weather conditions’.

Bown snow boot with laces and tassels

Geox Mayrah, also in black and grey

Isabel Marant

Not the sensible option, but I’m sticking them here anyway, just to be appreciated. The ‘Nowles’ boot has the traditional Marant hidden platform to make your legs look longer. Although a search for ‘Snow Boots’ threw them up, I’m not 100% convinced they would do the job when the weather gets serious. However, they are in the sale at Net a Porter for £291 (a ‘saving’ of  £194 off the original £485). I like them!

Red and black wool boot with laces

Isabel Marant Nowles searling-lined leather trimmed wool boot

Which pair would you go for? Or is there an excellent brand I’m missing here? Advice appreciated from snow aficionados and boot lovers alike.


What's your View?

14 comments on “Snow Boot decisions….

  1. Melissa Jolly on

    Love this post because 1: I love skiing, I would live in the mountains at the drop of a hat and 2: I have awful circulation and get ridiculously cold feet so I take my winter footwear very seriously ?. I love the classic moon boot, they are super warm and comfy and a design classic. However, I now have a pair of Sorels which o got for Christmas last year…they are apparently ok down to -20 degrees. They are the longer ones in black with a faux fur trim and I wear them for most of the winter over here as well as out skiing. The heals took a bit of breaking in as they were quite stiff, but I wear them in the mud and hose them off and can also get away with wearing them in town with a pair of jeans or a skirt. (I’m wearing them right now)! That said, if I had the spare cash I would probably look at buying all the boots you have highlighted as they are without doubt my favourite type of footwear. That’s a bit sad isn’t i?!! Anyway, hope this helps and hope you have a fab time skiing ⛷ xxx

  2. Scarlett Roitman on

    I love those Sorel boots! Having said that, I always wear the most impractical ski gear, fur (fake) boots, ski outfits lined with again, fur trim. Basically, I look daft but who cares, I might as well feel glamorous as I fall time after time on the pistes – my skiing is not what it used to be. My advice if you’re a novice – avoid icy slopes at all costs. And enjoy the après Helen!

  3. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Melissa, I love that you are so enthusiastic about this subject!!! The Sorel’s seem to be winning the vote absolutely hands down. I was erring in that direction anyway. We’re heading to Cornwall later in Feb and I reckon they’ll be brilliant for walking there too. I’m just going to try and find somewhere to try the Sorel’s on for sizing, then I will decide on my style and go for it! Thanks for stopping by to read the blog, really appreciate you taking the time. Helen xxx

  4. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    I am very much a novice Scarlett, wish me luck! Perhaps if I go all-out-glamour too, then no one will notice that I’m a hopeless skier? Thanks for joining the boot debate, sounds like we both have the apres covered, H xoxo

  5. Melissa Jolly on

    I’m a size 6 and my husband bought me a size 6. They were very tight when I first tried them but I tried the 7 and they were too big. The inner padding will give a bit. X

  6. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Nicole, thanks for dropping by with expert snow boot advice :). The Moon Boots are fun aren’t they, but I think that the decision has been made (due to overwhelming public support) to go with the Sorel’s. I’m just going to get more use out of them. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Chivers boot…..incredible indeed! Perhaps if I catch the skiing bug I would be able to justify the investment???

  7. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hello Jo! Thank you for stopping by it is so lovely to see you here*. The Sorel’s are getting SO much love. Decision pretty much made, I just need to choose a style. Much, much love and coffee soon please. Hxx
    *smiley emoji!

  8. Penny on

    Hi, a friend of mine has 2 Sorels and swears by them. I guess you’ve got to love them to buy 2 pairs!
    Have a wonderful adventure when you go. I’ve never been ski-ing on snow (only on a dry ski slope when I was about 10) and I can’t say it’s ever appealed. I don’t know anyone who goes for the first time and dislikes it. I think I would be danger of a few lunch time bevvies!

  9. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hello Penny, I’m going to buy my Sorels today. They have won the vote hands down, I obviously should have bought some years ago going by all of these positive reviews! I’m really looking forward to heading off now, and am sure that I will excel at the hot chocolate and wine part of the trip. I hope that your own blog renovations are moving along nicely, really look forward to seeing it all up and running. Helen xx

  10. Liz Banksy on

    Just very envious of your ski trip!!! Morzine is a fab place to begin, lovely pistes and a really cute town with great restaurants ? Have a ball in them there boots!!! ⛷??

  11. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hello Liz, thanks so much for visiting and having a wee look. I am very excited to go skiing for the first time and will be concentrating very hard on getting it right!!! Hxxxx

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