What revamping my website really says about my business

This could be the most boring blog post I’ve ever written…

I wonder, is there anything more basic than I’ve-re-done-my-website content? Like, honestly is anyone interested in how my website looks? I think you’d rather read my shopping list. But my web designer disagrees (he would 😊). He says it’s part of my business journey and that’s not boring. So ok, here’s what my mini-makeover says about where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Changing this site from a blog into something more business-like and functional is something I should have done ages ago. I just haven’t been blogging. Two reasons. To be honest, I don’t super enjoy it. But the big thing is I’ve found better ways to grow my brand. Or should I say, ways that work better for me.

So after some re-jigging, lots of rewriting and a photo-shoot, this is now somewhere that explains what I do (help you to communicate the brilliance of you, on Instagram). Why I do it (I love this marketing stuff, truly, I get a buzz out of a clear, well-delivered story). And what you get if you work with me (the benefit of not having to repeat my mistakes, mainly 😉).

When I started this thing, Not About The Kids (my comeback), I thought I was going to be a blogger.

But I didn’t really know what a blogger was or how they make money. And I don’t have much of a talent for longer-form writing. I have the attention span of an Instagram caption.

So the Not About The Kids blog never really flew. Some of the content is ok, but it never achieved the sense of identity and community I’ve managed to create on Insta. That’s ok, it was part of unravelling the puzzle of exactly what Ido want to do. What I can be good at.

And that’s one of the big things I’ve learned.

Don’t expect to always know the destination. You can’t even see the destination at the start of the journey, it’s less than a tiny dot in the distance.

After I had the kids I lost myself for years. And spent so many hours trying to find ‘the answer’. But you don’t need it. Let go of the answer. It really doesn’t matter at all, actually. Just start something. Book onto a course, or launch a new product or go and see a coach. It will lead to the next thing and then the next. There is so much to be gained on the journey.

For every success and two steps forward I have taken, there has absolutely been one step back. I’ve spent too much time on tasks only to realise that they are not the thing (hello trying to become and Insta-famous photographer, reviewing rugs for my blog and promoting events that struggled to break even). But to beat yourself up about those missteps is to misunderstand them.

I’m in love with all of the lessons I’ve learnt. They bring clarity, give me something to talk about, laugh about and something to teach!

Which is why I have to put myself at the centre of the site now, because that’s what you’re buying into.

Doing what I do involves putting myself out there, all the time. Something I would have previously found unbearable. Perhaps you still do? Know that it can be learned. You can develop immunity to the extreme awkwardness of it all.

I was asked recently whether I think that I am a confident person. Depends on what day it is. I know that I’m bright enough, but worry that I am flawed. And I my inner critic just loves to wang on about my lack of business experience.

But here is something that I do think, confidently.

I think that people doing the jobs or things that you want to do, are just other people. They’re not better or more talented or cleverer than you. They’ve just put their hand up and stepped into the role. They’ve taken it for themselves rather than asking to be picked. That’s the difference, mostly. They’re just people.

So I hope you like my new website. It’s a statement of intent. I must thank Katie Spicer for the photos, you are brilliant, Katie. Thanks to Gup and Luke at Feelgood Creative for the design, you are some patient people. And thanks Hilary Salzman for helping me with my words, Hilary, this is a better place for your notes. And finally, thank you for reading.

Love, Hx

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12 comments on “This could be the most boring blog post I’ve ever written…

  1. Karen Jackson on

    Big step and a lot of time and investment, but now you have something to sell, you need a shopfront – website. I’ve to get mine ready now, invest in good copy and photos! Congrats and well done 👏👏👏 and thanks, I learn a lot from you, you put so much into your newsletter, it’s full of interesting and useful content. I did your online zoom call on stories, great thanks 👍

  2. Suzie on

    So interesting and not in the least bit boring (a good subject line to entice us to want to see if it really is boring though!) All looks and sounds great.

  3. Helen on

    Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself Karen! Good luck and thank you for reading and subscribing x

  4. Helen on

    I’m glad you liked my subject line Suzie I’m trying to work harder on them so I’m chuffed that you noticed. Thanks for reading 😘 Hx

  5. Honor DAVIS-MARKS on

    You have inspired me since the moment I met you ! You have managed to evolve into your place in space effortlessly and seamlessly although I know there was a lot of hard work along the way .
    I hope to be able to do the same when I grow up . Excited to watch your authentic and definitely NOT boring business grow and a refreshing ‘blog’ from reviewing rugs and velvet sofas !
    Bon chance Mon Amie x

  6. Lou Chudley on

    Your website looks brilliant Helen & really matches up with the brilliant profile you have grown & the audience you are now serving. Onwards & upwards always xx

  7. Jannine Newman on

    Oh I love this so much. I’m just sitting at my desk thinking, what IS IT I’m good at…I thought I’d be a blogger too! I love that you reviewed rugs…and I totally agree with everything you are saying and what I do really like is you aren’t afraid to say what you want, or where you have come from. It’s a journey, and I’m enjoying yours and applying some of it to mine! So thank you very much for this. xx

  8. Helen on

    Always onwards – sometimes sideways, sometimes downwards, but always onwards 😊. Thanks for reading Lou x

  9. Joanne Robinson on

    There is something unique about the way you communicate. I always avidly read your newsletter (and make notes, I am such a swot!) I’ve been in business for coming up to 7 years now, won lots of awards and press attention but the ‘who do you think YOU are to do this?’ monkey still likes to jump on me at unexpected moments. I rarely meet a woman who is taking that ‘road less travelled’ of being a pioneer, who isn’t affected by the dreaded Imposter Syndrome. Keep on keeping on, Helen. You have helped me so much, many thanks! Joanne x

  10. Helen on

    Hey Jo 👋 thanks for stopping by, it is great for me to know that you find what I do helpful 😀😁😁. Success breeds confidence and quietens the imposter, but I have more or less resigned myself to the fact that I’ll carry it on my shoulder forever. Hx

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