Top 5 Beauty Heroes November

Real Techniques make up brushes

These are such a winner. I knew that I needed new make-up brushes, but didn’t really do much about it, because in my mind it was going to cost a fortune. Real Techniques are great quality, and a great price.

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I bought three for under £10 each in Superdrug, and they are even cheaper as part of a set. They have brushes for things that I frankly don’t understand (stippling? flat contouring? sculpting?), but the basics are all there and work really well. I’ve used the concealer brush pictured here (the smallest in the picture) for eye shadow. Use them for whatever you want to I say! Online reviews are almost universally excellent and at the cost there’s really no reason to give them a whirl. 

Price: £3.99-£30.00

Recommended by Hannah. 

Clinique. High Impact waterproof mascara

This was the first recommendations I tried. Although I wasn’t actually looking for a new mascara, I have switched to Clinique High Impact permanently. Basically, it just does not smudge, ever look gross, or need a packet of cotton wool pads to remove. It’s probably what you would describe as a ‘day time’ mascara, so may not be enough if you prefer a heavier look. I’d probably wear something different for a night out. However, I have never come across a genuinely waterproof mascara before, and think you’d even get away with it by the pool on holiday. An excellent product.

Price: £18

Recommended by Debs.

Organic coconut oil

This is a funny old product that I found hidden on a bottom shelf at Boots, but once I mentioned it on Instagram, it turned out half the world is already using it. And what can’t you use it for? Coconut oil was recommended by the lovely Caroline who uses it to take her make up off, moisturise, and tame her hair. I have now also discovered that you can also be a lip balm, moisturiser for horse’s skin, and an oil to cook your roast potatoes with. One follower even says her mum uses it to brush her teeth with! Personally, I’ve found that it’s an effective deep condition for your hair. Soften it up in the microwave, apply to wet or dry hair and leave for as long as you like. Voila. You do need to like the smell of coconut oil mind you….

Price: around £10 for a large jar.

Recommended by Caroline.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

This is a little jar of concentrated fake tan that you mix with you moisturiser whenever you feel like you need a little bit of glow. A nice product for the winter when you are feeling grey around the gills. I really like it on three counts. Firstly, I’d far rather use something with the moisturiser that I like, than get a completely different face cream. Second, I would definitely take this on holiday. I don’t like to get my old face out in the sun anymore, and powder bronzer comes off in the pool, so Radiance-Plus seems like a good answer to both challenges. Lastly, you are in control of the intensity of the tan. You can use one or three drops at a time, depending on what suits.  

Price: £18 -£20

Recommended by Helen.

Benefit. The Porefessional, matte rescue gel

Not about the kids, Beauty, Helen Perry

Benefit has been the single most recommended brand so far. This particular product caught my eye because the pores on my face have become far more visible in the past few years, and I don’t love it. Jules, who recommended Porefessional, describes it as an “Instagram filter for your face”. A no-brainer then. There are a number of Porefessional products in the range, but this is a gel that you apply after moisturiser and before foundation. What I particularly like about it is that it mattify’s my skin, to the point that I’m having to use far less powder. Hurrah. This easy peasy to use, has a nice, clean, non-greasy consistency, and is now part of my everyday routine.

Price: £23.50

Recommended by Julie.

If you have any personal Beauty Hero recommendations for me I would absolutely LOVE it if you left them in the comments box below.  Thanks so much for stopping by, Helen.

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6 comments on “Top 5 Beauty Heroes November

  1. Lisa on

    Loving the beauty tips Helen.
    I have been using coconut oil on my face at night which is suppose to help with lines and wrinkles. Love the smell!!

  2. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hey Lisa, I think I am the last person on planet earth to hear about coconut oil!!! I shall use it as night cream myself this evening. Thank you so much for popping by to have a read xxxx

  3. Miriam on

    Recently changed my make-up routine and are desperately in need of new make-up brushes. Real Techniques sound great and good value too!

    Miriam x

  4. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Miriam, thank you for stopping by it is really good of you. Yes, I’m delighted to have discovered Real Techniques, although I think everyone else already knows about them!! At the price there is really no reason not to give them a try. Hx

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