Send newsletters. Stand out.
Make more money.

Emails are the simplest way to instantly get more sales, let’s create one your best people will love.

In this new audio course I’ll show you how to send a newsletter that:

  • your subscribers will love, value and open 
  • gets you (and what you do) noticed
  • establishes you as a trustworthy expert (that we want to buy from)

Over 12 super-digestible episodes you’ll hear:

  • how to grow your list of subscribers
  • how to always have something to write about
  • what to call your newsletter
  • when to send it
  • how to write copy that gets readers clicking
  • and how to sell in emails

It’s a big juicy mini course for sure!

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newsletter Launchpad course by Helen Perry
I just wanted to let you know that my email list has grown substantially since working with you and I’m making so much more money from my email. AMAZING. Rachel, artist and creator of children’s gifts

The percentage of my income that comes from email subscribers

Launching a newsletter is one of the top 3 best things I’ve done for my business. It’s where I keep in touch and build trust with my very best customers. And trust + visibility = income. 

It’s not just me, all the research shows emails are the single best use of your marketing time and budget.

So let’s start, get on the launchpad now!

Also included in the course:

  • newsletter template examples and inspiration
  • a list of my most-opened subject lines
  • advice on which email platform to choose (from people who use them)
  • membership of a private Facebook group to support your email-writing

Buy it now for £149

Email me helen@helen-perry.co.uk if you have any questions about whether this is the right course for you.

My newsletter is getting great feedback and a great opening rate. I’m finding it so much easier since I do it more informally and separate it from my marketing emails. Thank you so much! Florence, mindfulness and meditation coach
Your course has helped me up my game no end. We’ve had bigger open rates and am now enjoying sending out our emails rather than spending hours on them and being apologetic about filling up people’s inboxes. Thank you.Katy, We Care Campaign