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New! 71 Chat GPT prompts for creative unboring marketing

AI chatbots have the power to seriously simplify our work. But if you put boring prompts in, you get bland content out. Click the red button for 71 ways to get engaging email, social media and web copy from ChatGPT.

New! 30 of my most opened email subject lines ever

Want to get more of your emails noticed, opened and read? Here are 30 of my most-opened subject lines for FREE. Use them as a template to create your own and become an absolute delight in your subscriber’s inbox.

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New! Free marketing emails template

Follow this plan for creating super-tempting selling emails and get more people clicking and buying your work. There’s a guide for both service-based and product-based businesses. Click to get started today.

You can do hashtags

They’re not witchcraft, they’re how we can discover you on Instagram. Download this step-by-step guide to finding the right hashtags for your account.

3 secrets to Instagram success for small businesses

Do these things and your audience will grow. Just an 8 minute video.

Power up your profile

Your Insta profile is your homepage, your elevator pitch and your shop window. This download shows you how to get every bit of it right.

How to make your social pictures and videos look great

Click to get the secrets to shooting bloody lovely looking photos and videos on your phone.