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14 Days Of Engaging Instagram Caption Ideas

The struggle to find something to say on social day after day (after day after day) is real. I feel it, everyone feels it. So if you are lost for words – here are 14 Instagram caption ideas designed to let your followers get to know and love you better. Some can be long and wordy, others will be short and sweet and light and easy. Everything works on Instagram, I don’t believe in the rules. But I do believe that people want to know more about you…

1. The Introduction. It’s a classic Instagram caption, but I like it. A lot. Tell me about yourself, because unless you are Beyonce or my best mate I probably don’t have much of a clue. People rarely see all of our posts, and (hopefully) we are gaining new followers all the time, so introducing ourselves is something that can be done fairly regularly. You don’t need to include every juicy detail of your life, just some relevant context that will help people get what’s important to you, and what your account is all about. I recently did it this on Instagram Stories and it gained some of the best engagement I’ve ever had.

2. Go behind the scenes. Admit what was really involved with making a slick IG photo. Did you bribe a screaming child, shoot 500 takes to get it right, or fall off your chair in the making of this perfect image? Make fun of yourself.

3. I like favourites, they can be repurposed in so many ways. Let’s start with your favourite place to visit and why (it could be Mauritius, Cornwall, or a park up the road, small and relatable often works brilliantly on social media).

4. Reveal your Monday routine, or Sunday night routine, or meal plan for the week (I’m guessing some people are this organised?!). It’s interesting to learn about how you organise your life and why.

5. Share something seemingly unimportant, that is REALLY important to you. Having your tea in a particular mug, or making sure your bra matches your pants, having pictures hang perfectly straight on the wall or sitting on a certain chair to watch TV. We all have these quirks and it’s great to admit it. 

6. Reach out for help. Having trouble finding a decent pair of jeans? Or want to know where to go when you visit Paris next weekend? Ask Instagram, I guarantee it will give you better search results than Google.

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7. And share your recommendations. If you have read a great book or article, listened to a brilliant podcast, found an excellent night cream people will want to know about it. Recommendations are the lifeblood of Instagram.

8. What’s your favourite (part two, three, four)….breakfast, movie, thing to do at the weekend. It will give your followers a little insight every time you tell them what you like, and act as a call to action to name some of their favourite things too.

9. Be generous. Share something that you have learned in your area of expertise. Whether it is cooking, changing nappies, crochet, coaching, shoes, thrift shopping or social media, there is something that you are an expert on. Demonstrating that makes your account valuable and worth following.

10. Monday Motivation. Start the week by revealing something that drives you. Even hit us with a motivational quote, I love them!

11. Dream on dreamer. Write about somewhere have you always wanted to go, or something that you have always wanted to do or buy. It’ll start a conversation.

12. Tell us about other accounts that you love. Instagram is a community and a crowded one. People will appreciate being mentioned, and being sent in the direction of great content they might not know about (for the record, one of my current favs is writer Matt Haig).

13. Social media loves nostalgia, so why not start a chat about the first job you ever had? Or an old TV show, or a shop that’s now defunct? You get the idea. 

14. Finally, it’s more than ok to just say what you see. There’s SO a time and a place for a really simple, straightforward caption. This is the best beach we found on holiday. Sunday lunch with the family. Write it, post it and get on with your day.

I’ve posted more about writing for better engagement on Instagram and how I approach it, click here to read my top nine writing tips.

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  1. Ahouseonashbank on

    This is brilliant!! I think I’ve done some of these without realising, but some great new ideas! You’re a star! Xxx

  2. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Well, that’s a very nice thing to say, thank you so much. Even one or two new ideas can be enough to get you going can’t it? Thank you for reading, Hxxx

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