14 days of engaging Instagram caption ideas

(Another) 14 days of engaging Instagram caption ideas

Caption-prompting posts are my most popular by far. Thinking of what to say is one of the big sticking points of showing up regularly on social media. Anyone else ask themselves can I really post about the weather again today? So here are another 14 days worth of engaging Instagram caption ideas. That’s at least 2 weeks of content sorted. And here are two extra tips for free – 1. when you are writing for Insta, get off to a killer start, the app collapses your caption after a couple of lines so hook people in. 2. Ask for engagement, or in geek-speak – add a call to action. Whether that is encouraging people to comment on your post or do something else like click on the link in your profile, or head over to your Stories – make you caption work hard.

Engaging Instagram caption ideas to inspire your followers

Week 1

1. Inspire me. Inspirational quotes are divisive, not everyone loves them – but I do. Kill two birds with one stone and create a graphic of your quote. Which is a post and caption in one – hurrah. I use Canva, or even easier, A Design Kit.

2. Be Insta honest. Share something that isn’t going brilliantly at the moment. Your work-life balance sucks, business isn’t easy, or you can’t find something to wear for your best friend’s wedding. A bit of real-life and self-deprecating humour goes a long way towards making friends on Instagram.

3. What motivates you? Tell me why do you do what you do, and how you got to where you are today.

4. Connect with me. Whenever I mention my Pinterest account or LinkedIn, or blog and email list on Instagram- you know what happens? People follow me there. Easy.

5. A life lesson. What you have learned? Never go food shopping when you are hungry, or don’t text after wine? Or that you don’t need to buy stuff to be great on The Gram 😉 (click here for all the lessons I learned from my first year on @notaboutthekids). Try and link it back to the purpose of your account.

6. Instagram – send help. If you have a work or life dilemma then ask the advice of your peers. Instagram followers can be very wise indeed.

7.  Feature an account. I’m all about finding new and inspiring things to follow on Instagram these days. So share some of your favourites. Bonus – they will love you for mentioning them.

Week 2

7. Repeat yourself. Return to one of the central themes of your account. What is it that you stand for and believe in, and started your account to talk about? Remind your old followers and introduce new ones to what makes you tick.

8. Something you don’t know about me… A fun fact, I once appeared at the Royal Albert Hall playing the ukulele and crossed India on a skateboard*.

*nooooot really

9. Where did you get that? Feature your best new outfit or an interiors accessory, or something indisposable and much loved. Something that is a game changer in the office, or a kitchen gadget that’s blown your mind. Something that makes sense within the content of what you usually post about. Then us where you bought it – Instagram loves to shop.

10. Go deep and micro-blog. How about writing a reaaaaallly long caption? It’s on-trend, and a chunky, in-depth bit of writing will promote a deeper connection with your followers.

Fact: you have 2,200 characters available in each Insta caption and can use up to 30 hashtags.

Click How To: create line spaces in captions – a good idea if you are writing a long post.

11. Why this means the world to me. Explain why is something, or someone in your post, is important to you?

12. Share instructions. Create a How To caption. It could be a recipe, or how to find the best deal on a holiday. A 3 step guide to…anything you are good at! A useful caption is a great caption.

And beyond…

14. Want even more? Then why not take part in (or create) a community challenge? Insta challenges (a series of prompts to post on a certain subject each day for a week/fortnight/month/year) are a popular way to up your posting game. They’ll be based around a theme – for the craft or interiors community say.  Watch out for them, search them up – or create one for your niche. It’ll potentially give you weeks of things to talk about.

Here’s a selection of challenge ideas & this is a good guide from someone who has hosted an Insta challenge herself.

If you are still looking for inspiration – click here for more engaging Instagram caption ideas.

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  1. Neha on

    Thank you! I used to have a line spacer that I used to copy and paste and I lost it so now thanks to this article I have Hashtagie. I need to get on a challenge- I just think it will motivate me more

  2. Helen on

    If you don’t press space after your full stop (which most of us do automatically) – then press return – you should create a line space in your caption. It works for me – but Instagram can be a fickle beast! Hx

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