15 Instagram Stories ideas for summer @notaboutthekids Helen Perry

18 Instagram Stories ideas for summer

Summer’s a game of two halves when it comes to posting Instagram/your blog/whatever content.  On the one hand we’re more likely to be out doing photogenic, interesting stuff. Holidaying if we are lucky. On the other, it’s a messy time, lacking the usual rhythm that sharing to social media fits in to. It’s also right, proper and important to take a step back, chill a bit and enjoy the silly season. Because of all this, I think summer is an excellent time to get involved with Stories. They are casual and fun and all that it good and summerish. Here are my Instagram Stories ideas to get you sharing more and taking it easy at the same time…

Summer Essentials. We’ve all been around long enough to pick up some summer life hacks. Whether it’s an incomparable suncream, tips for how to pack a hat without squashing it, or a perfect pizza place in Rome – share it.

How to summer on a budget. It’s an expensive season. Do you know any workarounds? Share a great, cheap hotel, or bookings website, a free museum, a sale, where to get the best car hire deals – anything like that will be warmly welcomed.

Seasonal social. I find that seasonal images always perform well on my Instagram, so show us the summertime beauty. Sunsets, dawns, golden hours, sunflowers – share it all on Stories.

Stories summer challenge. Last year I set myself a challenge to share 15-second videos of what I was up to every day during summer months. I wouldn’t recommend doing the whole season (too much!) but a 14 day or 30 days challenge can get your creative juices flowing.

My so-called summer. Insta reality. Show us what you’re doing while everyone else is posting from their sun lounger in Majorca.  Stuck in an office block in Slough, or on the sweaty Central Line? Everyone will appreciate the antidote.

Be a useful traveler. Insta holiday spam can risk being troublesome/nauseating. So share your holiday, but make it useful too. Rate the places you visit, share what to avoid and what is a must-do, what you should take and what you should leave behind. Fashion editor Erica Davies is brilliant at this – flick through her Stories highlights to find a recent trip.

Poll your people. Summer’s a good time to reflect on where you want your business or your Instagram account to go in the second half of the year. Why not poll your followers to find out what they are most interested in?

Favourite travel or city accounts. Do a shout out of some of the best travel and city Insta accounts you know of, even if you can’t go you can drool. Actually, just when someone is sharing a spectacular (or funny or interesting) holiday – tell us so we can travel along with them.

We want to live every possible life, not just ours. Stories are how we can window shop other possible lives without commiting to them. They teach us everything.


Summer cooking goodness. Got a great cocktail recipe or BBQ marinade? Create a video or image demo of how to do it.

The holiday juggle. If you work flexibly, for yourself or around a young family, then hop onto Stories and tell us how the holiday balancing act is going (honestly).

Room tours! I love watching a room tour. If you are away, take us there. Hotel room or villa tours are a total winner for nosey followers. It’s great video content, and if it runs for a few minutes, post to IGTV then link it in your Stories and share to your grid. Repurpose repurpose!

Summer’s past. Do you have some lovely vintage photos of you on holiday at Butlins in the 1980s? The Internet loves nostalgia – stick them up on Stories.

A day’s work. If the sun comes out and you have started a garden project or clear out in the house – take us through the process – the Insta world loves a before and after.

Reading list. If you are anything like me, holidays are the only time when you get the space to read for fun anymore. Tell me what’s good.

Swimwear styling. Now stay with me, I’m not suggesting a bikini shot (unless you want to). But I genuinely can’t think of a worse thing to shop for – so if you have any go-to brands or suggestions – it would make really useful Stories.

Inspirational quotes. They feel good whatever the weather.

“Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger.”
Ben Okri

Love where you live. Forget the long haul. Show us somewhere beautiful where you go close to home if the weather is good (or bad!).

Autumn resolutions. And when the nights start to draw in and the post-holiday blues are upon us – share a few slides – or go for a walk and chat to the camera – about what you are hoping for in the autumn months. It’s always the real New Year for me.

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  1. Juliana Sylvester on

    Love these ideas Helen, they’re brilliant! My stories are often feast or famine – I either have lots going on and plenty to story or it’s tumble weed! I’m hoping to use some of these ideas to make it more consistent over the summer which is always more of a challenging time because the kids are off from school and time is in short supply. I’m already looking forward to Autumn (or Fall) which is my fave season and unoffocial new year!

  2. Helen on

    The summer is messy for me too, Juliana – but I do find that Stories offer me a relatively easy way to keep in touch. ‘Look forward to watching more of your seasonal Stories. Thank you for reading! Hx

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