20 Ideas for Instagram Stories

20 Fresh Ideas for your Instagram Stories, by Not About The Kids

Instagram Stories offer such a fun and powerful way to connect with your followers. They allow you to break free from the theme and polish of grid posts, mess about and show what you are all about.

I think it’s a common mistake to think that you should only post to Stories when you are doing something exceptional or visiting somewhere interesting. That is great, but the real power of Stories can lie in posting something super mundane, with a dash of humour on top. Share your everyday challenges and calamities, the ways in which you’re like everyone else. This is what people love and respond to most.

Need some new ideas? Here are some suggestions to freshen up your Stories.

1. About

Many of your Instagram followers won’t even know your first name. How about trying a series of frames to introduce yourself? Tell us where you live, what you do, your favourite foods, what you like and things you really dislike!

2. #behindthescenes

A personal favourite. Reveal the reality behind your latest post. Show all the mess you made creating a flat lay, or the fact that you’d moved EVERYTHING in your bedroom into a heap in the corner for a slick outfit shot.

3. Tell a joke

Make me laugh.

4. Walk with me

Take some photos and videos of your morning commute to work or the school run. Share parts of your everyday routine and let us see your neighbourhood.

20 Fresh Ideas for your Instagram Stories

Some flowers spotted on the school run, show your followers the highlights (and lowlights) of your everyday.

5. Hello beautiful

Reveal your all-time favourite beauty products. People are especially interested in ones that solve specific problems, like sensitive skin or smudgy mascara.

6. How to…

Demonstrate how to crochet, or ace your roast potatoes or keep a succulent alive. We all have skills, share them on Stories.

7. Video

Don’t normally give video a go? Try it. Have a short chat with the camera, or use some of the fun features on the Insta cam. Stop motion and time-lapse sequences can be a really fun way to add interest and variation to your Stories.

I wrote a post about going on camera in your Stories posts, it includes advice from some great video experts, why not have a read?

8. Google it

If you’ve got something you want to know, ask Stories. It is better than Google. Ask ANYTHING. People love to share a recommendation.

9. Radio Times

Talk about what’s good on TV at the moment, the best thing you’ve seen in the past week. I’m always on the lookout for something new to watch. Same goes for films, podcasts, books….

10. What are you working on?

Share a plan or project you are working on. A new product for your business, or a website upgrade. A course or qualification you are taking, or an instrument you are learning to play. Let your followers join you on the journey.

11. Selfie time

Are you shy about posting selfies to your grid? Or don’t have the kind of feed where were it would fit? Use Stories to show your followers what you look like.

How to love yourself in photos.

12. From where I stand (or sit)

How about posting the view from your kitchen window, or from your desk at work, something you see every day. It doesn’t have to be glamorous, people will be glad to see it’s not!

13. Outtakes

If you are anything like me you’ll take at least a dozen photos before you capture The One to post to your grid. Use Stories to reveal the ones that didn’t make it, the sillier the better.

20 New Ideas for Your Instagram Stories, by Not About The Kids

I have lots and lots of silly ideas for photos, most of which don’t make it on to the grid. But some are worth sharing on Stories….

14. Meet my pet

Pets are big on Instagram, and if you’ve got a kitten you have won the Stories lottery! Share the daily adventures of your dog, hamster, goldfish or tortoise.

15. Favourite quote

I love a motivational or emotional quote. Stick them up on Stories when you find them.

16. What’s growing in your garden

A lovely way to mark the seasons passing is to show what’s popping up and changing in your backyard.

17. Filter fun time

Try out the silly filters. Get your kids to try them. Babies and toddlers with magical bunny ears…who doesn’t have some time to waste watching that?

18. Show off

What are your best bits? Your top 3. I mean, do you have a Blue Peter badge, or have you represented your country at table tennis? Have you climbed the 3 Peaks or been recently promoted at work? Share your triumphs. Any little win.

19. What are you working on?

Talk about something that you are working on. Are you training for a 10k run, or working on a new product line for your business? Are you improving your website, or writing a book? Take your followers on the journey with you.

20. Go Live

Try an Instagram live broadcast, from a cool place, or with some interesting people, to talk about something that means a lot to you, have a rant….it’s terrifying, but fun.

I’ll publish five more ideas for Stories in my next newsletter What Looks Good which I publish once a month. It’s full of bits and bobs that I like and hope you will too. Things to read, listen to, watch or buy. Good stuff to try on social media. Sign up in the subscription box (at the bottom of the page if you are on your phone).

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