5 apps for Instagram video

4 great apps for Instagram video

If you need to be convinced to start posting video to Instagram search up ‘why should I make social video’. You will be boggled by an avalanche of stats. Did you know that people remember 95% of what they see on film, compared to 10% of what they read? Or that by 2020 there will be close to a million minutes of video crossing the internet every second? Or that on social, video posts generate 12 x more shares than text and image posts combined? Well, sharing is definitely caring on Instagram. It is how we reach new followers.

So to get a piece of the action, we need to become amateur filmmakers (yes, on top of all of the other things).

What you need to know about Instagram video

On Instagram, you can post video in 4 ways:

  • Main feed (up to 1 minute long)
  • Stories (15-second clips for as long as you like)
  • Live (1 hour) and now
  • IGTV (1-10 minutes for accounts under 10k, up to 60 minutes for big accounts)

Insta would like IGTV to rival YouTube for video views and it has recently been shown that brands are posting twice as much IGTV as they were 12 months ago (see the new Battenhall 100 brands report).


Before you start editing your footage in an app, check that you are creating a video that is in the correct size and shape for the surface you are posting to;

  • Main feed 1:1 or 4:5
  • Stories and IGTV 9:16

Apps for Instagram video


InShot is my go-to app for simple video editing.

It allows you to:

  • trim and edit clips
  • add subtitles
  • use music (from a free selection)
  • add stickers
  • adjust brightness, contrast and more
  • add filters

You can download InShot for free, but there are in-app purchases of between £0.79 – £25, and you will need to upgrade to remove the InShot watermark. It’s not cheap to upgrade, but if you are downloading just one app for Instagram video, make it InShot.

Creating longer video? Here’s Instagram’s simple guide to uploading video to IGTV.

For Stories and IGTV you need to think vertical when you are filming. Click for vertical video tips from filmmaker Lottie Stevens.


Filmm is a new app launched YouTuber Zoella and bloggers A Beautiful Mess.

Designed specifically as an app for Instagram video, it allows you to add light leaks, dust, grain, and other film-y effects. Elevating very ordinary footage into something dreamy, vintage and atmospheric. It’s just for fun, and is available on iOS only so far. Perfect for Stories.

Free with in-app purchases and sign-up options for extra features.

Click here to read about video editing trends in Later.blog 


VSCO (rhymes with disco) is better known as a photo editing app but you can also edit video in it, adjusting exposure, contrast, colours, and more. Then, add your favourite filter so that your videos complement the branding of your still images.

Good for: great quality, subtle edits.Matching up your filters.

Would you like to feel more comfortable appearing on video? Click to for expert tips to boost your confidence.

Mojo app for Instagram Stories

Mojo is a Stories creator. It turns still images and text into swooshing, swiping, moving, compelling video Stories. With just moments to grab your followers’ attention, Mojo offers a fabulous way to share lots of images, quickly and dynamically.

Read this post from Social Media Examiner about how to keep Stories viewers engaged. It recommends using video clips that are just 1 second long. Mojo is perfect for fast-moving messages.

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