Antonia Taylor and Helen Perry Elevate social media workshops

Becoming a brand: a new Elevate workshop

“I don’t really have a brand” is something my business partner Antonia and I hear a lot. The reality is, whether it’s personal or professional, in today’s super-visible online world, we’re all brands. Our brand is what makes us different, it’s the things we do particularly brilliantly, and it’s the way we are perceived by others. So we have designed our new workshop Becoming a brand to give you the tools to answers the big questions about what your brand is, and how to harness it’s potential. How can you tap into your uniqueness to make your business or personal profile soar, and feel great about doing it?

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Meet the experts

I find designing workshops one of the most enjoyable parts of working on Elevate events. It gives us the opportunity to bring some of the most talented and experienced people we know into one room to share their knowledge. And I’m so excited about our line-up this time.

Becoming a brand is a one-day event at gorgeous Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire on Friday 15th March. We will have five expert sessions that offer a rich variety of advice on how to brand your business and online content. Your writing, social media and images will have never looked better. Your message will never have been better defined. 

We will start the day with vitally important coffee and introductions. Meeting like-minded people (that can lead to exciting collaborations) are a big part of our events. Then, the agenda looks like this. 

Creating a consistently credible and compelling brand with Julie Guppy, Global Head of Marketing at WSP

Julie will draw on a career working with global organisations, bringing their influential brands to life, to explain brand to us. In her session, she will break down the creative ingredients that shape a brilliant brand. Allowing you to understand how to share yours in a way that’s credible and authentic.


Branding your Instagram with me, Helen, content creator at @notaboutthekids

I’m up next, sharing what I have learned about bringing a defined personal brand to Instagram. Whatever the size of your audience on social media, it will only be relevant and useful to you if you reach the right people. People who will love your brand. This is what I have been successful at achieving, and I can show you how.

Write a pitch-perfect ‘About Me’ page with Antonia Taylor PR

I am going to be all ears for this session, writing about yourself is hard. Antonia will show us how to craft a truly personal About Me page. This is about creating a clear message that works across your blog, website, and all your social platforms. Vitally, it will captivate your customers.

Capture yourself with confidence with Sophie Lindsay lifestyle and portrait photographer.

After lunch at the beautiful Stoke Park restaurant, it’s time for a practical session with the enormously talented Sophie Lindsay. Sophie will walk us through building camera-ready confidence, including practical smartphone photography tips.

Online influence in 2019, in conversation with CJ Brough, director of Blunt Communications

CJ casts social media influencers in brand campaigns. We are thrilled that she is joining us to chat about what it is like to work at the forefront of PR marketing in 2019. We will discuss how influencers offer a huge brand-building opportunity for burgeoning businesses and where they fit with your brand.

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Stoke Park is a short distance from London in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside. The closest train stations are Slough and Gerrards Cross.