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On one of the first days working on Not About The Kids (or maybe it was when I was just thinking up the idea, I wish I could remember exactly) I wrote a word on a scrap of paper and stuck it to my computer screen.

I must have been reading something thought-provoking about why we work, and how to measure its worth because the word was VALUE, and the scrap of paper is still there. Every day, I still consider that word. At some point, I added the sentence “what value am I bringing people in my work?”. Not grammatically correct, but it’s the guiding idea that underpins everything I create for my blog and social media platforms.

I wish I had a sexier more dynamic special word, but there we are, it works for me. In whatever I do I try and check; does this have any value? Is it worth someone taking a moment out of their day to read or look at it? Are you giving them something worth following?

It’s a measure that can be applied to any social media platform if your goal is to grow (with soul).

What’s good value?

Value is found in all kinds of ways of course, and what you think valuable, someone else may not. But here are some of the ways I measure the success of the content I create or follow.

A great quality picture, that’s enough in itself. Then it can be a caption or video that makes me laugh (funny is GREAT value). Content that offers an insight into a situation I can relate to or know nothing about (being very different can be the most valuable thing about you).

Share new or useful information. How To’s and tutorials for the win; we love to watch people sharing their skills (even if we have no intention of ever spray painting a chair or baking a vegan cake). Help me learn and be better at things I am interested in.

But it need not be too complicated. If you see a great quote, or read an interesting blog post, or hear a fantastic record tell your friends about it. That’s what social networking is.

Be of service by showing me a dress I might like, or how to style it. Tell me about discounts or give me a competition to enter. Share information about places to go and things to do. If you’ve been somewhere great, recommended it. Equally, save us from wasting our precious time if it sucks.

Leave them wanting more

What I am trying to get at is this; what are you bringing? Are you being generous? Are you giving people a reason to visit your page? Will they make time to go and seek out our account if an algorithm hasn’t shown it to them for a while?

What I try to avoid (and undoubtedly don’t always succeed) is sharing things that are all about me, and therefore of little value to a follower.

Here are just a few examples of social media accounts that I think demonstrate the value of value rather brilliantly.

I suggest you follow…

Kasie Barton @kasie_barton presents brilliant and colourful DIY videos, almost exclusively on Instagram Stories. No surprise that she is about to launch a (sure to be brilliant) YouTube channel.

Alex Beard @thewifeofriley is a news presenter and every day on her Instagram Stories she shares the 5 top news stories. Super digestible and fantastic for me, as I’m always missing the news headlines.

Jen Stanbrook @jenstanbrook has a very successful interiors blog Love Chic Living, in part thanks to the fact that she is a whizz at driving traffic to her site via Pinterest. Not a common skill. She shares her secrets in blog posts you can find on her Pinterest Boards.

Kate Ferris @simpleandseason shares things that I find particularly useful because she’s a creative business coach. I suggest checking out her Instagram and website because, even if the content is not your cup of tea, it’s a great example of not being afraid to share your expertise.

Julia Crim @julia_crim is a photographer worth following on Instagram for her snaps alone. In addition, Julia often show her ‘before and afters’ to demonstrate how she brings pictures to life in the editing process. It’s a great honest insight.

The Thames Lido is showing businesses how to win friends and influence people on Facebook. The Lido has acquired an engaged following of more than 7 thousand people in under a year. The account is funny and involves followers in (often completely random) competitions and challenges. It’s a masterclass in how to make your social media entertaining, and good for sales.

Erica Davies @erica_davies is an Instagram fashion megastar, and that has a ton to do with added value. She shows her followers how to style their clothes, helping women of all shapes and ages feel good. So don’t just show me how nice clothes look on you, show me how they can work for me.

The problem with lists is that niggly feeling that you’ve left out someone BRILLIANT, so help me by sharing some of your favourite must-visit accounts in the comments box below.

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6 comments on “Create a social media account worth following

  1. Honor on

    I’m not brilliant and I’m still learning but I hope I have something of value to share by enticing folk down to my still undiscovered part of France (and my gites) . I want to share this with everyone. But I mix it up with hopefully funny and personal bits so I’m not all about the sales!

  2. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Tia, I’m so glad that you enjoyed it….you are always great value ;). It’s an idea that makes total sense to me, I hope I have managed to explain it in a way that makes sense to others. Thanks for stopping by! Hxx

  3. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hi Honor, well this sounds very interesting. I would love to follow an account that gives me an insight into life in rustic France. There are so many possibilities….food, markets, countryside, interiors, hours of fun! And then there is the story of your business and what you are doing there 🙂 I think it’s going to be wonderful, and I hope you can create plenty of interest in your gites too. DM me on Instagram so that I can be sure to follow you. Helen x

  4. Lizzie on

    This has really got me thinking Helen! One of the reasons I love your instagram is for all the great tips and tricks you share.

  5. @not_about_the_kids2017 on

    Hello Lizzie, how lovely to see you here :). The tips and tricks just evolved as a process of sharing what I have been learning, but people so often say that they find them useful. It’s nice to be of service. Thank you for reading, I do really appreciate it. H

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