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New – free resources to help you do social media beautifully

Hello, I have news. I’m now able to share better, more in-depth material to help with your social media. We’ve added a new section to my site – resources. It’s a place for me to post useful, downloadable (free and keepable) documents that will help you to create beautiful content for your social channels. The first two are ready to access now – How to brand your Instagram, and Smartphone apps and resources for social media content creation.

Click here to go straight to Resources, keep reading to find out more.

How does it work?

We’ve basically created a VIP area on the site. If you would like one or both of these docs, then go to my Resources page, sign up, and a password will ping into your inbox. This is your access all areas pass. If you are already a Not About The Kids subscriber*, you should have received an email.

The password allows lifetime access.

*If you haven’t, or have lost it, drop me a line and I will pop it straight over to you helen@helen-perry.co.uk

Branding your Instagram

Branding your Instagram is a short – say 20 minute – exercise.

How often do we step back and ask ourselves what are social accounts are really all about who is it for, what am I going to post and what’s the main objective? Branding‘ guides you through those questions. The idea is to come away with a clear plan for a truly effective Instagram.

It’s ideal for anyone who’s planning to start a new account. Or is feeling a bit what am I doing here and why isn’t it working? What you learn can really be applied to accounts any of the social platforms you are using.

Smartphone apps and resources – a to-download list

There’s no fancy way to dress this up, it’s a list. A list of the apps, resources, and websites that I use day-to-day to help create better images and videos for (mainly) Instagram. If you are wondering what to use to edit photos, or video or to preview and plan posts – download this. What you can do on your phone to enhance the quality of your content is amazing. And if I can use an app, anyone can. It contains clickable links for ease.

Coming soon

I plan to update this section of the site regularly. My next plan is for a smartphone photography guide. Then perhaps tips and ideas for Instagram Stories. I’m very happy to be guided by you on this, what would help you share your message, business or hobby online? Would you like more Instagram resources, or are you interested in other platforms too? Pop your ideas into the comments box below, I’m always around for a chat.

Let’s get to know each other better, click here for my About Me page.

p.s when I say ‘we’ve created’ a new part of my website, I mean the brilliant Feelgood Creative has. Thanks guys. Go and check them out.

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