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Newsletter love (and other things I’m working on…)

Hello hello, I hope this finds you well and happy. I have a couple of things on the boil at the moment – things that I hope will make this website a really useful place to visit. I’m excited for you to watch out for them, so – preview! First, a new love. A bite-sized chunk of what I’m into at the moment; newsletters. Second, free stuff. I’m almost ready to add a new section to the site for resources – bits of downloadable goodness that will help lift your content making and social media accounts.

To sign up to my newsletter scroll to the bottom of the page – there’s a box for your email there (or, if you are reading on a desktop, eyes right).

Don’t email newsletters suck?

Yes, some (lots) do! Clogging up our inboxes trying to sell us stuff. But if you find a good one, well written and full of news and recommendations and bits from someone you trust (maybe love a little), then they’re awesome. Much more targeted (and less anxiety-inducing) than scrolling through Instagram.

The ones that I like at the moment are proper geeky (like The Interface which is about social media and democracy, sorry, I said geeky) but packed with value. Whatever you are into, value (as I always say, read this) is the key.

This post from Forbes is quite business-y, but brand strategist Pia Silva gets the heart of the matter when she says,

“Emails with your voice, philosophy, and insights that the recipient actually appreciates and is interested in? That’s an entirely different beast. That is what we are going for here.”

The Elevate Edit

My newsletter love blossomed on The Edit. It’s an email newsletter that supports Elevate the side project I run with Antonia – we organise social media and branding events.

With The Edit we feel like we’ve discovered a lovely way build and nurture our gang. We can share links to things we love, share news of what our friends are up to and start conversations. It’s a weekly treat to put it together. And guess what? People read it. The Edit has a 40-70% open rate according to our MailChimp stats. I never would have predicted that in a million years.

Click here to sign up for The Elevate Edit.

The Simmer

Does it sound like a cooking newsletter? It’s the current working title for the new Not About The Kids email (out once a month, at the end of the month). Nothing to do with food, it’s taken from a quote I love – from the life and business coach Tiffany Han check her out. Amidst all the white noise, I just love the sentiment.

  “Let things take as long as they need. Trust the simmer” Tiffany Han

Trust the simmer. I’d like to use my newsletter to reflect the build. For it to be about laughs, about lifelong learning, and taking your time. About showing up and sticking around to find out what might happen.

I also hope is that it is somewhere that I can be a bit more me. It’s less permanent than a blog post, and less public than a social media post. Seems like a safe place, where subscribers are friends.

I may change the name, but for the first editions The Simmer it is. Sign up in the subscriber’s box, but there’s no need to if you already get Not About The Kids email updates.

And the new resources

Wow, I have been procrastinating on this for a while, but now it’s nearly ready to go. Soon – I’ll be launching the first of a selection of free downloadable resources. The idea is that they will help anyone who creates online content to support their passion or business.

Initially, I will have a worksheet on How to brand your Instagram. Things that will follow include a glossary of apps I use for content. Perhaps a simple photography How-To. A guide to which social platform suits your business…

I’m wide open to ideas. Let me know if there’s anything you’d especially love to know about, and thanks always for stopping by.



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    Thanks, Neha you are such a gem. I hope to make it great over time – but I’ve learned that unless you start somewhere…nothing ever gets the opportunity to be great! Much love, Hx

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