How to get more comments on Instagram

How to get more comments on your Instagram posts

Why worry about getting more comments on your Insta posts? 2020 is set to be an interesting year on The Gram. A decade since the platform was launched as a simple photo-sharing site (those were the days!), we step into the unknown as (in all likelihood) the metric it made massive – likes – are phased out. Instagram’s test to hide like counts went global in mid-November and the switch seems to have taken on irreversible momentum. But while likes may go out of fashion, conversation is something that never will…

How to get more comments on Instagram

Likes are a vanity metric, something that makes us feel good without telling us anything about our account (or business). Comments are where our real online communities live.

It’s much more challenging to get people to stop scrolling and write in the comments box than it is to get them to double tap on the ❤️ button.

Over the past two years I have grown a community on my Instagram feed which sees at least 30-40 comments on any of my posts. They are sparked mostly by what I write in my caption, but also by how I behave around the platform.

This is what I have learned about getting great comments on Instagram.


Let people know that you are wide open for comments by asking them to comment. I know that this may seem obvious, but if you are not getting the kind of conversation that you want on your posts, have a good look at what you are writing. Do people know that you want to chat? Suggestions;

People love to give their opinion, ask them to tell you what they think about something.

Requesting recommendations is a sure fire way to get your followers involved, either on posts or in Stories.

Lead with your passions. Share the the things that you are most interested in. The things that make you talk quickly. Are you being honest and vulnerable? It all shines through and people will respond to your human-ness.

When you are creating your posts, think of these three words – humour, insight and inspiration. This is what people connect with on social and they all invite a response.

Respond to your followers

Comments are a two way thing. If a follower takes a moment to comment on your post – reply! Thoughtfully. Ask further questions and start a conversation with them.

Just think of it this way, how would you act if someone walked across the room to speak to you in real life? Ignoring them would not be an option. If comments go unanswered, our poor undervalued follower will seek to take them elsewhere.

Comment on other people’s posts

Ah-ha! The key, most-overlooked, ingredient to successful Instagram engagement. How are you going to get noticed and get a discussion started on The Gram if you are only hanging out on your own feed?

Jump into other people’s threads. Find influential accounts in your niche, those who have followers with similar interests to yours. Talk to them. These are the kind of people who might follow, like and comment on your posts. It’s a great place to start.

Are hidden like counts improving the Instagram experience? I asked some users whose accounts have been involved in the test, click here to find out what they think.

Find out what works, then do it again

When was the last time you went through your old posts to have a look at what works? The answer to your engagement issues could be lurking in your most-commented-upon posts. What were they about? Why did they spark a good response. What resonated? Do more of that.

Shake up your content

Are you just posting the same old thing all the time? If you are a bit bored with it, there’s a good chance others are too. Shake it up.

Try some video, or share quotes you love, or design your own quotes. You could talk to the camera for the first time on IGTV (it’s worked for me). Show your followers a different side to, or more of, you in order to spark the extra engagement you are looking for.

Use Stories stickers

Invite comments on your Stories feed by using the stickers in Stories (here are some suggestions from the Instagram Business blog). You can conduct polls, host a quiz, or use the smiley slider to find out what your followers think, and show them that you value their opinion. Interactivity is your super power in Stories. Click to read about how I improved the reach of my Insta Stories.

Take your time

Finally, don’t expect the comments to start flowing overnight. Trust the simmer. You need to show up consistently and then allow time for people to get in the habit of commenting on your posts.

Thank you for reading, jump into the comments (more comments 😆) box with your ideas and suggestions. I am always around for a chat.

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