How to take better photos for Instagram

How to take better images for Instagram, your FREE guide

Do you want to take better pictures for your Instagram, blog, website or other social media accounts? Don’t we all. Since when did we all have to be awesome iPhone photographers, right? Well, trust me, by learning a few simple tricks and tips you will soon be taking great (or greater!)  images. And all on your phone. I guarantee it.

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How to take better images for Instagram

We don’t need fancy, professional cameras in order to create engaging photos for our Instagram and websites. Our phone cameras are now so sophisticated that they will do a lot of the hard work for us.

What we can learn is how to frame and compose better images, and how to make our ideas and stories come to life on film.

In this guide I share:

  • The golden rules of image composition. Once you know them, every photo you take will be improved.
  • Phone settings you don’t know you have that make taking pictures so much easier.
  • Editing tips that anyone can try.
  • The difference between photographing things and photographing stories or moments (guess which one connects better with your followers)
  • Why some of your photos aren’t working.

Understanding all of these things is the key to making social photo-taking easy and stress-free. My downloadable advice is quick to read and you can save it

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