Two easy ways to take better photograph

2 simple ways to take better photos – guaranteed

Taking better photos is totally within your grasp. I started my Instagram account and blog with an interest in photography, but no expertise whatsoever. What I did have was a willingness to read 3560 thousand Pinterest posts on ‘How to take better images on your smartphone. And practice A LOT. Now, I can create a great image. There is so much I could say about composition and negative space and story-telling – in fact, read more about that stuff more herebut really when it comes down to it, there are two things that changed the game for me. Grid and app. The rest will follow. Watch this video to find out more (it’s just 2 minutes long).

Turn on your grid

The grid on your phone camera is an absolute game-changer in terms of being able to take better composed (and straighter!) images. And most people don’t even know it is there.

Go to Settings – camera – grid on and you are done. I’m yet to come across a phone where it’s anywhere else.

What this will do is show a 3×3 grid on your phone camera screen every time you go to take a picture. This will allow you to observe the rule of thirds a well know rule of digital photography. Simply put – an image will look better if the subject (object or person you are photographing) is placed on one of the dividing lines.

It’s also much easier to take a symmetrical photo (which always looks great on Instagram) with the grid to help. Or sort out straight lines – horizons, ceilings, walls – so that they are, y’ know, straight.

And edit better photos for Instagram

Our smartphones are tiny, wonderful, handheld computers – and that means you can download amazing photo editing apps on to them to lift your content. They really are better than the editing capabilities within your phone camera and Instagram.

There are dozens – but I recommend VSCO and A Color Story.

VSCO is often the pro photographers choice, allowing you to make subtle and sophisticated improvements to the lighting, clarity, and vibrancy of your images. A Color Story is more of a fun and creative choice that allows you to play around with colours and light effects. Enjoy!

And here’s a super short to the point video I recorded about these super simple photo hacks.

More help

Click here for my free downloadable resources for Instagram. They include a list of apps and resources to make your images fly. Also, why not try my short exercise – Branding your Instagram – that will help you create an account that your best people will love.

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