How to use Unfold App to make your Instagram Stories fly

How to use Unfold to make your Instagram Stories fly: video tutorial

I’m a little bit of an app addict. My phone is full of the clever little devils. Apps that edit, manipulate and improve my images for social media. Ones for editing and making mini movies. Apps for previewing my Instagram grid, for creating Pinterest pins and making social adverts. Thank you, app creators everywhere, you allow me to walk around with a graphic design tool kit in my pocket.

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It’s not fair to have favourites, but Unfold is certainly top 3. It’s a super user-friendly app for creating stand out Instagram Stories. It offers up to 100 chic and minimal templates (it’s free, but many of the templates involve an in-app purchase of around £1.99 per series). I’ve recorded a short tour that will give you an idea of how to use it.

Here’s a post that lists some of the other apps I use for Instagram content creation.

My phone has space for more, so I’d love to hear your recommendations. 

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5 comments on “How to use Unfold to make your Instagram Stories fly: video tutorial

  1. Louise Kasozi on

    Oh thanks for the tour Helen!
    I have the Unfold app on my phone but haven’t really explored it properly.
    Your tour was really helpful and I’m loving that ripped paper tool aswell.
    Will definitely have a go!
    Lou xx

  2. Helen on

    Hi Louise, thank you for watching, I hope it galvanises you to get going on Unfold. Such a helpful and fun little tool. Hx

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