Meet Emma Hart, Push PR London @notaboutthekids

Meet Emma Hart, the inspiring founder of Push PR, London

“I have always placed huge importance on working within a creative and inspiring space. I think your working environment is hugely important to wellbeing.”

We are hosting the next Elevate workshop at the super inspiring north London office of Push PR – the fashion, beauty and lifestyle agency founded by Emma Hart. The setting for each of our events is hugely important to us. Toni and I want to bring people together to learn and grow their network in an uplifting place.

Emma is on the same page when it comes to creative spaces, so we are thrilled to be working with her for Becoming a brand, London, Friday 10th May. She is going to take part in the day too, with a session on how to use collaboration to grow your business. Emma founded Push in her early 20s and has grown it into a lifestyle agency with an international portfolio including brands like Kikki.K, Saltwater and Dinny Hall

Emma, you started Push PR pretty early on in your career. How did you get the agency up and running?

From my bedroom – literally. I was living with my now husband and business partner, the boyfriend, in a tiny flat in Shoreditch. I intended to ‘go freelance’, worked with a couple of brands and then it snowballed. I have always been passionate about meeting people so I made sure I met up with the contacts I already had and then set about meeting up with as many old and new contacts for coffee as possible. I was literally like a traveling salesperson, getting myself and my client’s products out there as much as possible. I hated working from home so would set up desk everywhere and anywhere. I was one of the original hot deskers back in 2002.

You’re in the amazing Arts Building now. Was having this creative, showroom space part of the vision?

Yes. I have always placed huge importance on working within a creative and inspiring space. I think your working environment is hugely important to wellbeing, company culture and how you feel about yourself and your job. Having worked in an uninspiring office which was packed floor to ceiling with product, I was determined to do things differently.

You run PUSH Connect events quarterly, Inviting people, ordinary customers if you like, into your showroom to experience the brands you represent. What’s the concept behind it? Is it about how social media is changing PR?

Media, both print and online is still hugely important. That said, our approach is that the consumer now has the power when it comes to the success of a brand. So, with our #PushCONNECT events we now embrace and encourage the media, and of course influencers and VIP’s, but we now go that much further and court the consumer direct. Connecting the brands directly to the consumer seems like a natural next step in increasing our client’s awareness.

The workshop we are bringing to Push has a strong focus on personal brand. How has yours evolved as the business has grown?

Interesting question! To be honest I absolutely know the importance of personal brand and this is a huge part of my ‘success’ to date. Speaking events, interviews, profile pieces, TV appearances and of course Instagram, FB and linked in have all played an absolutely crucial part in the growth of Push. I have been taking a little step back over the last year or so just to see what’s next for my ‘personal brand’. I need to figure out how much time I want to dedicate and what the desired outcome is going forward. I’m in my next stage of personal brand evolution!

And tell us what do you do for yourself? How do you continue to grow and invest in your career?

I read business and self-development books – I’m obsessed. Same with Podcasts, anything coach, personal growth and development I devour. I also love Ted talks, Linked In learning and School Of Life. I just like to look outside my business often. I have three amazing coaches; Geeta Sidhu-Robb for business and kick-ass yet nurturing straight-talking advice, Amiee Berman for spirituality and Nyambe Ikasaya for my body and mind.

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Friday 10th May, Push PR 

Five expert sessions that will unlock your potential.

Creating a consistently credible and compelling brand, with Julie Guppy, Global Head of Marketing at WSP.

Capture yourself with confidence, with Sophie Lindsay, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer.

Branding your Instagram, with Helen Perry @notaboutthekids.

Write a pitch-perfect About Me page, with Antonia Taylor PR.

Collaboration + your growing brand, with Emma Hart, founder and creative director, Push PR.

All supporting materials are supplied. A gorgeous veggie lunch will be provided by local independent cafe Salt the Raddish, and everyone will go home with a goodie bag filled with treats from our brand partners. 

“A huge thanks for the most inspiring day. It was informative, relaxed, beautifully organised and totally inspirational. There were some wonderful people in the room, both speakers and participants. Thank you, thank you!”
Suzie Cullen, on Becoming a brand, Stoke Park, March 2019.