Ten Steps to Pinterest Success

Instagram photographs by Helen Perry cut out and pinned to a board

In the time BIB, Before I Blogged, I used Pinterest simply as a search engine. Which is exactly what it is. If I want ideas for an outfit or interiors it’s the perfect place to look. But since I started to blog, I have been hooked on the idea that it could also be used to drive lots of readers to my website.

What’s the appeal? As of September 2017, Pinterest had 200 million active users every month. Each image you pin can link back to your website. And your Pins have staying power, they can send readers (or customers) to your site for years after you have pinned them.

I knew that I wanted a piece of the action, but have had trouble understanding how to get going. This is not social media as I know it. But now I have finally done the reading, and come up with a plan. Here is how I will try to establish a presence on Pinterest.

Switch to a business account

An easy place to start is to switch from a personal to a Pinterest for Business Account (just search it up when you are logged in). This is completely free, allows Pinterest to verify your website, and gives you access to analytics on how your account is performing.

Save button

Install the Pinterest browser button to your website, this means a reader can click on the little red ‘save’ button to share your work. You should find it on all of my images.

Establish my Pinterest personality

I have spent a bit of time working out what I would like to do achieve with my Pinterest account. Who do you I hope Not About the Kids will appeal to, and what will they be looking for when they are searching?

Build boards

On that basis, I have built a selection of Pinterest Boards that serve two purposes. First, they appeal to the interests of my readers (I believe interiors, social media, colour and casual fashion are a good place to start). Second, I can pin my content on these boards. I’m aiming to have 10 – 20 really good boards on the go, looking great and full of fantastic pictures, including my own photos.

Pinterest boards Not About the Kids

Some of the Pinterest boards I have created for Not About the Kids. I hope that they represent the kind of content my readers enjoy, in a style that they have come to expect from my brand. I also think that I can pin my content into each of these boards alongside other images and articles I like.

Pin my work alongside others

When I began building the NATK Pinterest account I created a ‘Not About the Kids Blog Posts’ board. This is where I planned to post all of my blog posts and nothing else. Now while this is perfectly valid, it’s also really important to mix it up a bit. Pinterest likes relationships between Pins, you need your content to appear next to other similar, complementary images. This will make it more likely to pop up in search results.

Naming your boards

Pinterest is a search engine, so make your boards and pins searchable. This means giving them does-what-it-says-on-the-tin titles and descriptions (click on the little pencil icon), not cryptic and creative ones. I’m including as many relevant and searchable words as I can think of, and sometimes using hashtags too.

Build great pins

This is a visual platform, so great Pins start with great pictures. Vertical tall thin images are the way to go, as these are the ones that catch user’s attention and are more likely to be clicked, saved or re-pinned. If it makes sense, for blog post pins, for example, I overlay the image with words. I am using an App by Adobe called Spark Post to create them.

An example of two Pinterest pins created by Helen Perry

Vertical images tend to make more successful pins. Add text if you are hoping to encourage people to click through to your blog or website.

An example of a Pinterest pin built by blogger Helen Perry

This is an example of a pin that I created using the Adobe Spark Post App. Click and pin it to your Pinterest if you think other people might be interested in reading this post.

Quality Pins

If I am re-pinning other people’s content, I check that the link works and the description is valid. Some pins link through to spammy content or nothing at all. Either way, it’s rubbish for your account to re-pin it.

Pin frequently

This comes up again, and again, and again with social media. In order to get the kind of results I am hoping for, I will need to use the platform consistently. The advice with Pinterest is to pin most days. As a beginner, I am setting myself a target of pinning at least ten times a day.

This will include a variety of new Pins of my own content, new Pins I have created from other website’s content, and re-pinning other users content. This is actually not too time-consuming (nowhere near as demanding as Instagram), but you can use schedulers such as Tailwind to make it easier.


Now I have to be patient. I have seen a tiny amount of growth in my following since I got this strategy started (Not About the Kids Pinterest account come and find me, let’s be friends!), but the experts say that it can take months for Pinterest to really start driving traffic your way. I will update you on how it is all going soon.

scissors and traditional ruler by Helen Perry


Jewellery maker Megan Auman has more than 37,000 followers on Pinterest and offers a comprehensive online training course via Creative Live and features on numerous podcasts offering her advice on how to utilise the platform.

Pinterest coach Jen Stanbrook Jen has an interiors blog called Love Chic Living and has used Pinterest to bring quite literally millions of readers to her website.

I have pinned great, easy to read articles by both Jen and Megan to my Social Media: Pinterest board.

Are you using Pinterest for your business? Would you like to? Please let me know if you have found this useful, or have any additional tips to share.

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9 comments on “Ten Steps to Pinterest Success

    • @not_about_the_kids2017 on

      Hi Francesca, wonderful name (my daughter’s ;)) thanks so much for reading. It takes a little while to get your head around this, but I truly think it could be worth the effort! Helen x

  1. Scarlett Roitman on

    I used Pinterest daily when I worked in property marketing but I’m finding it really hard to get stick into it with Londoness. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tips. I wasn’t sure about using hashtags but will now, and yes, MUST pin more regularly! Your Pinterest looks fab! Scarlett

    • @not_about_the_kids2017 on

      Thanks for reading Scarlett 🙂 I have a feeling that Pinterest just might be worth the time investment. We shall see. I need to spread my net a little wider than Instagram. Good to learn, and I will search out the Londoness Pinterest account right now. Helen x

  2. Miriam - londonkitchendiaries.com on

    Great tips on how to grow on Pinterest – really need to invest more time and make sure I always create nice pins for my blog posts. I sometimes forget it but I think it is really worth spending some time and effort on that platform! Thanks for reminding me 🙂

    Miriam x

    • @not_about_the_kids2017 on

      I’m trying to invest a little bit of time in it every day, whether I am doing it right, or indeed if it will work, only time will tell. I will update you! Thanks so much for reading, Helen x

    • @not_about_the_kids2017 on

      Ha! Well, I have been consistent for about a week on Pinterest so far…so let’s see if I can prove myself worthy of your praise by sticking at it for long enough to find out if it works. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it is worth the effort because every sm platform you take on is another time commitment! Thanks for stopping by Ashley 😉 Hx

  3. Gloria on

    Hi Helen. I noticed the images on your Pinterest are not in your blog posts. Do you “hide” those images in code or do you make images and post them in Pinterest separate from your blog? I’m trying to optimize my Pinterest without sacrificing a clean site and having text across every image. Thanks.


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