Antonia Taylor and Helen Perry Elevate social media workshops

Smarten up your social media with an Elevate workshop

For me, a real tangible reason to celebrate in the past 12 months has been founding Elevate, the fledgling creative events business I have started with my partner Antonia Taylor. We’ve loved bringing to life our mission to combine brilliant social media training with the opportunity to meet like-minded souls (and, maybe, future collaborators). Elevate goes into its first full year bursting with grand designs, and our first workshop of 2019 has been designed to set you up for a super successful 12 months across your social media platforms.

Smarter social media for your business

Smarter social media for your business will be a value-packed morning on Friday 25th January at the Thames Lido. We will cover clever Instagramming, how to find your tribe on Facebook and offer the inspiration you need to create an effective content plan. It’s is for you if you use (or want to use) social media to promote and grow your business. So whether you are a freelancer, have a small business, have ambitions to get a project off the ground this year, or work in marketing for a larger company, you’ll come away from the morning with a deeper understanding of social media. We will share with you our straight thinking ethos that will equip you to create a social strategy that works. For you.

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The day will begin with COFFEE, obviously, but once we are sufficiently caffeinated there will be 3 expert sessions.

What’s the Stories? Things you need to know about Instagram in 2019 with me, @notaboutthekids

In this session, I will be sharing what I have learned about creating an engaging Instagram account that reaches the right people. I’ll be delving into what it is important to understand about the platform in 2019. We will cover the increasing dominance of Stories content, and how and why you should use it. We’ll talk video, and how it can be used to share your message and connect with your audience. And importantly, we will discuss ways to effectively promote your work on Instagram, without making it a full-time job!

Step off the social media merry-go-round, how to create a content plan that works with Antonia Taylor PR

As an ace PR business owner helping brands to craft their message and send it clearly out into the universe, Antonia knows the importance of building a social media content plan. Your content is everything you create for social media; your posts, blog posts, images, and video. The need to feed our various social media platforms can be overwhelming for small businesses or people starting a new venture. A plan always helps, Antonia will show us how to do it.

“My aim is to show how a well thought out content plan will support the direction you are taking your brand in 2019. By creating consistent, valuable and engaging content you can free up time, make sure you’re reaching the right audience and grow your brand’s impact”.

Listen to me/don’t listen to me, building a Facebook community with Ade Evans

We are delighted to have Ade on board for this workshop. He’s doing a phenomenal job on Facebook as the media manager of the Thames Lido in Reading. In around 18 months he has taken the account from 300-9,000 followers and has an exceptional track record for turning those followers into customers. Ade started his career as a holiday camp redcoat, and this is his first foray into social media.

“I honestly think my lack of social media experience is a plus, I don’t know the rules so I do what I think works. I think that I’m STILL a redcoat. I just do it online now”.

In this session, Ade will throw out the rulebook and share his unique approach social media for business. He says, “social media is about being social. Talk to people and listen to them. If someone has taken time to comment or as a question, the least you can do is reply”. Ade shares the same core belief as Antonia and I that social media needn’t be complicated. Apply the same simple behaviors and good manners as you would in real life, and see your online network blossom and your message fly.  Tickets are £99 including refreshments and goodie bag. Click here to visit our website and book. We can’t wait to meet you.