The Best Apps to Make Your Social Media Content Stand Out

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There are a bazillion apps out there to help make your social media content look ultra whizzy. Here are a few that I am using regularly. If I can master them, anyone can.


What For: creating posts for Instagram Stories and editing iPhone video

Cost: free

A screen shot of the InShot photo editing app on an iPhone

I love using the InShot app to get more creative with my Instagram Stories posts. You can make ordinary photos much more fun by framing them with background colours or creating collages. It can help bring your branding together by making your Stories more visually in line with your Instagram feed. Ordinarily, Stories will not let you upload pictures edited in the popular photo app VSCO but uploading them via InShot bypasses this anomaly. You can also edit video, adding music and stickers. It’s very straightforward, I use InShot most days and would highly recommend it.

Tip: for Instagram Stories images, edit in ‘canvas’ size 9:16

Spark Post

What For: creating text overlay on images, I use it specifically to make Pinterest Pins, but it is also set up to build images the optimum size and shape for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etsy and YouTube

Cost: free, but I have upgraded to the Premium version which is £8.99 per month. That means that the ‘Spark Post’ logo doesn’t appear on my images, and allows you to upload your own branding.

A screen shot of the Adobe Spark Post app. Pin for blog post.

A Pin for one of my blog posts that I have created in the Spark Post app

Pinterest Pins for blog posts gain more traction (more clicks and re-pins) if they have text overlayed on the picture. Spark Post from Adobe allows you to create professional Pins (or any kind of post) on your phone, any place, any time. It has a large range of fonts, effects and design options. It would also be ideal if you were looking to create a ‘quote’ post, written message or promotion to launch on any of your social media platforms.

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Stop Motion Studio

What for: making stop-motion videos on your smartphone

Cost: free

Screen shot of the Stop Motion Studio app

I’ve used this app to create short stop-motion video clips, like this one of a flat lay creation

I keep hearing that ‘video is the future’. Well if so, simple stop-motion animations are a great way to experiment with video storytelling. Stop Motion Studio could not make it any easier for you to give it a go. You take a series of photos on your phone via the app and it brings them together to make a little animation. Something I hope to have more fun with in the future.

Tip: set your phone up on a tripod or something stable, and use your headphones as a remote control (the volume button should operate the camera). It stops you from moving your camera mid-shoot and ruining your video.


What For: creating short links to publish in my Instagram bio

Cost: free

Screen shot of Bitly app on an iPhone

This is really simple so I won’t dwell on it. Big long links look horrible, short ones look nice and smart. So make your long links shorter using Bitly. It takes seconds to do.


What for: previewing pictures on my Instagram grid

Cost: I use the free version, but you can upgrade (£6.99 per month) and access more stats about your Instagram account and followers if you wish to.

A screen shot of the UnUm app on an iPhone

The app shows me what is already posted to my Instagram account, I can then upload more photos and have a play around with which ones I would like to see on my grid next

The UNUM app links up to your Instagram feed and allows you to preview images before posting them to your account. This way you can check that you are satisfied with how they fit into the overall look of your feed. It also has some limited analytics on how your posts are performing, you most popular pictures and the best times to post based on average likes and comments.


What For: all photo editing

Cost: the free version works fine for me

A screen shot of the VSCO editing app on an iPhone

I’m a VSCO super fan, it has helped me create bright, clean and crisp images from my photographs

Last but by no means least. The only reason I’ve popped VSCO on the bottom of the list is that I have waxed lyrical about it so many times before.

This app has been a game changer for me in terms of the quality of the pictures I use on Instagram and my blog. It offers a far more sophisticated editing package than you will find built in your phone or on Instagram. It has a great range of adjustments and filters.

Tip: Use their filters, but dial down to a mid or low level so that it looks subtle rather than super-saturated.

I would love to hear from you if you have any other useful and user-friendly apps to recommend, or if you have questions about any of these. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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