Do you want an audience of people who love and buy your work? I’ll show you how…

Courses and workshops

If you’re your own boss or have a small biz that needs to get noticed, your marketing has to be un-boring enough to get our attention. Because man, it’s busy out there.

I run courses and workshops that show you how to create content that attracts the right followers. Because it’s clear and confident and sounds like YOU.

A 12 part audible mini-course

Newsletter launchpad

Send emails. Stand out. Make money.

Do you want to invest time in marketing that actually works? Then create an email newsletter. Mine’s one of the simplest, most low-stress things I do to promote my biz, and subscribers now account for 80% of my income.

In 12 easy audible lessons this get-it-now course will guide you through

  • what your newsletter will be about
  • how to never run out of ideas for what to write
  • how to add more readers
  • and sell to them, beautifully
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Helen, I sent my email and within 20 mins I had sold one of the 2 paintings I had on offer. Wow, diddly, wow! It works!!Lou, artist
5 star review

Learn how to grow a list

Lists Club

If you want sales straight away, then you need to slide straight into your audience’s inbox. Because I’ve learnt that although Instagram’s great, Instagram + emails = the real income. This 3 week course has helped hundreds of List Clubbers start sending emails that get opened, read and sell things. Be the first to know when it opens again, click the red button.

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Hey H, I want to say thank you for Lists Club. I've just done my first launch and exceeded my sales goals quite considerably. Most of my sales were from my email list - and it's only small but it's an absolute business asset. I never thought I'd have something that financially rewarding this quickly.Elsie Owen @the_peoplepleasing_therapist
5 star review

Supercharge your Insta

Engaging Instagram

My signature insta course runs twice a year. It shows you how to grow the account you need to power your work. Why listen to me? Because I’ve done it for myself. Former students message all the time to say – I feel so much clearer about my marketing message now, my posts are getting saved and I’ve an influx of followers. Click to get on the wait list to be in the next group of Engaging Instagrammers.

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I did an Instagram course with Helen a year ago and still use all the notes and handouts today. Totally recommend if you'd like to supercharge your Insta.Ella, @muchmoresocial
5 star review