Do you want to attract more customers who’ll love and buy your work? I’ll show you how…

Courses and workshops

If you’re your own boss or have a small biz that needs to get noticed, your marketing has to be un-boring enough to get our attention. Because man, it’s busy out there.

I run courses and workshops that show you how to create content that attracts the right followers. Because it’s clear and confident and sounds like YOU.

My most popular course!

Lists Club

Want to boost your sales instantly? Then email marketing is a very good idea. Emails allow you to bypass social media’s annoying algorithms and dive straight into your customers inbox. It’s proven to have the best return on investment of any online marketing you’ll do (emails account for more than 80% of my sales!).

Lists Club is 3 week course is for anyone who’d like to start an email list, or send more effective emails. It’s already helped hundreds of creatives and small business owners to confidently sending messages that get opened, read and sell things.

Lists Club 7.0 is running in autumn 2023, don’t miss out. Click the red button to be first to know when booking opens.

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I did Lists Club back when we were in lockdown! I wholeheartedly believe that building my email list during that helped us stay afloat during the pandemic and subsequently open a second cafe. I still use the skills I learnt during your course today.Robyn Nixon, founder @robynsnestcafes
5 star review
You’ve given me the confidence to send emails that get such a positive response. Brilliant course, well worth it.Nikki, whole foods retailer
5 star review
Thank you for the workshop ILOVED IT the recording allowed be to stop, take action then continue learning. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the next one!Pam, resilience coach
5 star review